RivalTide’s Most Anticipated Games of 2012: SSX

"The SSX series has always been to snowboarding what the Halo series is to realistic first person shooters: an over the top, exaggerated, fun experience. It’s one of the few “sports” series that gained almost universal love back in 2000 when the first game released with the PlayStation 2, and the second and third iterations of the title gained some much-earned praise, yet the series has been conspicuously absent in recent years."

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spandle2323d ago

I think im anticipating the demo more than the game, where the eff is it???

Fadetoblack692323d ago

I was anticipating it... hell I was going to buy a PS3 specifically for this one game!

Until I found out they're using that "Online Pass" bullsh*t.. No thanks.

LoLZoRz2323d ago

You can play online without the online pass, you just won't be able to unlock online stuff and get credits from online matches.