PS Vita brings back the PSP rear view mirror

There’s a new Inside PS Vita video over at the PlayStation EU blog. It covers Cross Play – Vita’s ability to link up with PS3 so you can play cross platform games like Wipeout 2048. Remote Play to enjoy your PS3 games on PS Vita. But. The it also mentions the old ‘PSP as a seperate monitor’ trick.

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bub162325d ago

i hope we do see this! i waited forever for the psp to do this :(

coolasj2325d ago

Good stuff. Nice to see some delivery on a generation old promise.

NellyNel_7_1_32325d ago

Awesome to the max! i can not wait to get my vita!

Smashbro292325d ago

So a PS3 plus Vita is essentially a WiiU with a portable controller? Brilliant.

IRetrouk2325d ago

That's kinda what I was thinking, all I got from that vid was "we are gonna do Wii u before the Wii u does. If that makes sense

MasterCornholio2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

The set up is even better than the WiiU because unlike the WiiU controller the Vita incorporates a powerful CPU and GPU. However since the Vita isn't standard with every PS3 I can't see many WiiU style games on it.

I only have a question though. If Sony manages to pull off a WiiU before Nintendo even releases the console. Who would have invented the idea? Would that make Nintendo copy cats of Sony?

Ahh yes the Nintendo invented everything and innovates everything dogma is so fun to make fun of.


h311rais3r2325d ago

I get the nintenbots claiming everything is nintendoos dooing but there is a flaw with our logic. Nintendo showed it first. They technically showed they starte development in that tech first so they technically did it first regardless of whether Sony pushed it out first. Nintendo already has working models so they do have the credit. I'm no Nintendo fanboy tho.

Mikhail2325d ago

I sense sony would bundle the vita and the ps3 later gonna buy that then give the ps3 as a gift since i already have one....