'The ending was almost taboo' - Rocksteady looks back on Arkham City

CVG: Sefton Hill on secrets, multiplayer, and 'that' ending...

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NewMonday2206d ago

Hope they don't be like wats done often in comics and resurrect him for the 3rd game.

And I give major credit to B:AC and skyrim in re-proving single player games can sell big with no need to tack on MP

SilentNegotiator2206d ago

....but with passes to punish both new buyers and future players, and game-breaking glitches to punish early adapters.


I hope they keep Joker dead if (oh who am I kidding; WHEN) they make another Batman: Arkham title. Resurrections, new sidekicks, multi-verse junk still poking its head out every once in a's all so goofy. For everything I love about DC comics, I can't stand all of those sorts of things. I know they like making money, so they keep characters alive, create new alternate stories, etc.....but they don't have to do that for this series of games. I like stories that actually have endings and closure, and Arkham City had that.

MizTv2206d ago

the only thing i didnt like about aa was the end but this game was good all around!

Enigma_20992206d ago

I'm thinking that bit of antidote he licked off the ground may actually work. Other than that, I don't see how they can bring him back.

InTheLab2206d ago

Batman can afford to lose a few villains. Even one as iconic as the Joker...but...

How do you carry out the Joker and just leave the only woman you ever loved to die in a hot fire? She can't rez in the Lazarus pits if she's a pile of ash...The good news is, if Talia is dead, we won't have to deal with that annoying Damien O.o

Pozzle2206d ago

"How do you carry out the Joker and just leave the only woman you ever loved to die in a hot fire?"

I thought that was a really interesting way to end the game. Because even though Talia was "the only woman Batman ever loved", in the end she wasn't as important to Bats as the Joker was. In the end the Joker was right - he is the only person who truly understands Batman. They are two sides of the same insane, fucked-up, co-dependent coin.

Gamer-Z2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

"If we did multiplayer then we wouldn't have been able to deliver the quality of game that people wanted - that we wanted. We would end up delivering two watered down products."

This is what a lot of developers don't get and this is why games like Batman Arkham City and Skyrim are some of the best games you will ever play this gen. Also i really wish they didn't kill Joker as he is one of my favorite villains in Batman.

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