Importing a PS Vita may have been a mistake

Product-Reviews writes: Sony’s new PS Vita is undoubtedly their finest portable PlayStation to date. With near-PS3 graphics, a quad-core processor, multimedia features and more, it’s clearly a device that has a lot of potential. However, some bizarre omissions from Sony have led us to believe that we may have been better off waiting to pick up the US version of the device instead.

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tr00p3r2201d ago

Japan may have the UMD program, but there's no excuse for not giving importers those free AR cards that US/EU buyers will get.

Nitrowolf22201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Sony doesn't have to supply jack to guys who imported it. They even said it themselves that it's not a good idea to import the device and that people should wait.
I don't see why they should really feel like they are entitled to them, it's not like Nintendo mistake where they dropped the price of the 3DS so quickly after worldwide release.

also this article talks as if lack of facebook or youtube app is because it's an import vita, when the other territories don't even have an app yet.

Anyway it was kind of expected that Sony would do something like this later on. First wave of buyers always get the short end when it comes to anything, since usually bundles and deals are announced later.

tr00p3r2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Sony will launch the Vita in the US with Facebook and YouTube, because you just know that there will be a mighty uproar if it comes without.

Perhaps Sony thought that Facebook and YouTube wasn't needed for Asians...or maybe they were just lazy.

Raf1k12200d ago

The Asian markets aren't the same as those here in the west which is why they SCEA, SCEE etc. as people in different parts of the world care about different things.

Anyone importing it knows what they're getting from the feature lists so they're getting exactly what they pay for and IMO have no reason to complain when US and EU versions turn out better.

GribbleGrunger2200d ago

@troop: the Japanese have got their own version of Youtube (which is on the japanese Vita) and facebook will definitely come

Waddy1012200d ago

@tr00p3r That's because the Japanese aren't really bothered about Facebook and they have a Nico Nico Douga app which is the japanese equivalent of youtube so they don't need a youtube app.

inbetweener2200d ago

Youtube is still much more popular with Japanese people than NicoNico
A hell of a lot more Japanese people have started using Facebook in the past 1-2 years, I wouldn't say they aren't bothered with it.

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Optical_Matrix2201d ago

To be fair, the importers should have waited. It's going to be a bit difficult for Sony to identify every individual importer and give them cards. People can lie etc etc. I was so close to importing, but I would have paid over £300 for a WiFi Vita, 8GB Memory Card and a game, plus import taxes.

Now I'm getting a WiFi Vita, 3 games, pre-order pack, starter accessory kit and a 16GB Memory Card for £340. Happy I waited to be honest.

danswayuk2201d ago

A lot of people miss the fact that you need to pay import taxes, especially in the UK and that 20% VAT is a killer.

PraxxtorCruel2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

£340!!! Damn when did portable console gaming become so expensive. That's crazy.

Waddy1012200d ago

@PraxxtorCruel That's £340 for quite a lot of stuff...

FriedGoat2201d ago

This is the most retarded article ever, Buy things too early you get burned. Expect things when its out worldwide.

MasterCornholio2201d ago

My friend already has the cards and he has a Japanese Vita.

Reason: He just printed them out LOL the Vita isn't going to know the difference.


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danswayuk2201d ago

Hard when you cannot wait to get your hands on the PS Vita.

rezzah2201d ago

That`s why the 1st edition is the best way to go for those who cannot wait.

knifefight2201d ago

Well yeah, paying twice the price to have the thing only 2 extra months is a little silly.

Plus, if you got the 3G version, it won't even work in your country because Japanese ones only read DoCoMo cards. Hopefully most importers got theirs from Hong Kong or something.

tarbis2201d ago

When I saw the article was written by Alan Ng. I stopped reading.
Move on people, this guy have done nothing but blow things out of proportion.

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