5 Weird & Shocking Medical Conditions Caused By Games

Tetris Effect, Guitar Hero Eyes, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and more are explored by NowGamer. Pretty funny article.

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Feckles2171d ago

I still suffer from Playstation thumb from playing PES on the PSone.

Can I get treatment on the NHS?

FriedGoat2171d ago

I don't get the Tetris effect with Tetris even though I play it the most, Strangely I get it with Lumines. And I constantly get Rockband aftereffect.

HenryFord2171d ago

This Effect happens to me after a lot of Burnout Revenge and I sit down in a car afterwards. It drives me crazy that I can't ram the other people off the road getting a "Takedown" to finally nitro through the city in riddicoulus speeds. WHERE IS MY GODDAMN NITRO BUTTON? This is what I shout at other people in the traffic jam.

kneon2171d ago

I've had it from Mirrors Edge. I was constantly noticing all the ways I could climb buildings, but almost none of the pipes and duct work were red :)

Solid_Snake372171d ago

I get the gh eyes a lot when I duh guitar hero

RedDead2171d ago

Never got these from gaming, but I did somewhat get something like it, from Reading for way too long, I kept thing in well worded sentences and crap I can't explain it very well

irepbtown2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

I dont get any of these. I suppose most people wont, however there will be those few that play a tad too much and so will suffer from one of these mentioned.

The only problem I get is playing slightly older racing games and having to hold in X, after a while i feel a slight pain in my thumb and stop. Thats why I prefer using R2 for acceleration and L2 for breaking. Or RT/LT for the xbox.

Apart from that I've no problems relating to games. Films however are a completely different story...
I turn into a super hero after watching movies :D

The Great Melon2171d ago

Ahh the tetris effect. Every time I start playing Lumines or Tetris I begin to start thinking about blocks and shapes constantly. It actually gets annoying because you keep playing in your mind, but can't stop by just simply turning off the console or computer.


I used to have the tetris effect a lot 'till some years ago.

It's specially common to me in dreams. Sometimes I couldn't even think straight, it dominated my throughts... It's like if you are still playing (in my case, mental imagery). I finally went to see a doctor because I had problems to sleep. I wasn't even that much aware of the size of the day-time problem.

As I would lay down to sleep my head was taken by visions of a endless, repeating gaming session of whatever I had been playing a lot. When I eventually got to sleep after 2 or 3 hours, I don't dream, I simple keep seeing the same gaming session over and over and I wake up feeling like I didn't slept at all.

Seeing the world as your playground is not the same condition, when you can't tell reality from imagination it's schizophrenia. In "tetris effect" most of the time you won't notice yourself that you were in fact doing/thinking of something else 'till you realize you are already seeing a game on your head again. The "pushing others out of the road as in burnout" is just wishful thinking, I belive we all have this moments.

Turns out "tetris effect" it's not really gaming related. You can get the same effect from any repetitive mental task. It's like if your brain can't turn off or stop what it's processing, as usually gaming involves elaborating strategies to avoid/take on obstacles and hit the objective, you get yourself in a kind of a thinking loop of such strategies. But I also experienced the same problem preparating for tests to ingress in the police forensics department, I had my mind reading or interpretating law books all the time, to the point I would lost the track in the middle of conversations because of that.

In my case all I had to do was disciplinate myself. Never go for hours straight, make breaks every hour or less, do something else in those breaks. It helps a lot when awake to keep control of your thoughts.

To sleep it didn't helped in my case, I simply concentrate in other random stuff of my day instead of sleeping. Probably because I had another combined condition. Anyway, I solved it through physical exercises and meditation techniques which eventually helped and now I sleep ok.

rockbottom30762171d ago

Splinter Cell effect I see a pipe and want to climb it and hide in dark corners. Make sure to have your phone on vibrate and keep it in your pocket so not to give away your position. Sure my new girlfriend jokes about me stalking her..well she not my girlfriend yet!

dredgewalker2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

I get slapped a lot after playing Leisure Suite Larry games.....

Tommykrem2170d ago

I've had the Tetris effect! To the extent where I actually dreamt about Tetris, mentally arranged Tetris pieces when not playing and so on... apart from that and a little addiction around the release of Pokémon Blue and Final Fantasy X I think I'm healthy.

Oh, and of course whenever I see a crab I get an urge to flip it on its back for massive damage. But don't we all?

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Coogi2171d ago

I play a crap load of games and never experienced any of this. I've never even had a JRPG dream of madden dream. I have dreams about TV shows/movies but not video games, nor do I ever think about something being REAL outside of the game, of course I did when I was a kid, who didn't want pokemon to be real?

I could compare a dew things to when I played yugioh but that's not virtual, lol.

brodychet2171d ago

Anyone get the Pokemon music aftereffect? I would stop playing Pokemon and still hear it, vividly. Kinda feel like I'm being subliminally controlled.

FACTUAL evidence2170d ago

No freaking joke, when I was younger I used to play pokemon on my GB like crazy. After I turned off my GB I would continuosly hear the pokemon center music for hours! I thought my GB was on, I looked and it was off. It always happened to me too after I turned off my GB from playing too much pokemon.

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Garrison2171d ago

I used to get a really weird effect when I played my first 3d games like Virtua Racing and Descent. After playing the games I would close my eyes and basically still see the damn game for hours. I even had a hard time sleeping after playing virtua racing. It went away after getting used to 3d games thou, but it was kinda scary at first.

dirthurts2171d ago

This happened to me with an old game called "Shadow Madness", but it only happened when I closed my eyes to sleep. Never played longer than a couple hours at a time after that.

FCOLitsjustagame2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

He mentions Skyrim and something about cheese but I found that after too long a session in skyrim I may see a plant with colored petals and have an urge to pick them.

When I played too much Crackdown (first one) or Assassins Creed sometimes I would look at a building and wonder the best way to climb it.

And when I play a lot of racing games I tend to look at cars and wonder how they would perform and if I would like to drive them (no I do not actually have an urge to get into races in real life, but I did start watching more racing on TV like Nascar and F1....though that could also be because all the colors are so pretty on HDTV ;) :P)

Oh yea and I definitly have dreams about the different games after too long a session. It doesnt affect me so much with slower RPGs but a fast paces FPS will almost always end up in a dream. I think my brain tries to "practice" or catch up with the events. And, again, no I have never had the urge to shoot anyone in real life... maybe an urge to smack someone around a little....but that happened even in high school before I ever played a video game.

I do find playing fighting games or crashing games like burnout help me get through a typical Bengals season so I think games have medicinal affects as well.

brendan44442171d ago ShowReplies(2)
KingOfArcadia2171d ago

I never knew 'The Tetris Effect' was an actual medical condition, but I've seen it myself many a time, depending on what I was currently playing.

I quite often find myself gaming in my sleep, which in most games isn't a problem, but at times when I'm playing RPGs I end up in a loop where I come to a branch in a path, follow one path to the end to discover I took the wrong path. I backtrack to the other path, follow it to the end, discover I must have missed something on the other path, backtrack again, and I'm back at square one all over again. I don't get much rest those nights.

I once almost ditched my car due to the same thing. I came around a corner to find someone had left a half dozen paint can lids in the street - I had been playing a lot of Fallout 3, and immediately recognized them as mines, and nearly lost it trying not to run them over.

With RDR, it was plants & birds - I was always spotting a plant that looked like one of the in-game flowers, and whenever a bird flew overhead, I would whip around and track it as if I was going to take a shot at it.

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