Gravity Rush started out on PlayStation 3

Gematsu: "Gravity Rush, which just launced in Japan for PlayStation Vita, started development as a PlayStation 3 title called “Gravite.”"

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fluffydelusions2261d ago

Argh...would have loved to have played this on a big screen =\

Godchild10202261d ago

It's stil great to play it on that 5 inch screen. Playing the demo at GameStop made me a believer.

FriedGoat2261d ago

hah, Bet the vita screen looks better than your TV, although smaller. I don't care to be honest, I'm getting a vita day one and whether new IPs are on PS3 or Vita doesn't bother me at all.

GribbleGrunger2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

maybe a PSN PS3 version will be offered later down the line and allow cross play?

rezzah2261d ago

I somewhat doubt it is for the Vita, some parts of the game may require touch pad only gameplay.

If they change this for the PS3, it will conflict with being able to switch back and forth with differing gameplay mechanics.

GribbleGrunger2261d ago

all they'd have to do is add an alternative control option to the PS3 version. there are already games that are coming on the PS3 and the Vita that do that

Rampaged Death2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

I'd have liked to see it on a TV too. It's the only game that makes me want a Vita.

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