Diehard GameFAN: Digital Tabletop - Privateer for the Republic

DHGF: When last we left our Smuggler heroine, I’d just headed to the last planet in my first chapter series, Alderaan, a war torn world of political intrigue that puts Palpatine’s little machinations in the movie series to shame if you think about Alderaan as the Republic on a smaller scale. You have a ruling family who’s been ousted through a coup by another family who’s trying to take power by siding with the Empire who’s be opposed by several families who aren’t necessarily working together who are all against another family that wants you to help out and set things right. On top of that the Empire and the Republic forces are fighting all over the place while they’re getting ambushed by the bug aliens that used to be Alderaan’s main sentient race before people came in and mucked things up. Confused yet?

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