Best shooter games of 2007

MSNBC writes, "Without a doubt, 2007 will go down in gaming history as the year of the shooter – never before have so many exquisite games assaulted our senses. The run-and-gun days seem to be dead and buried as more refined, deeper game play takes hold. And multi-player gaming is more sophisticated, too. Once an afterthought, online play has blown past the deathmatch to class-based, strategic operations."

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riqued3509d ago

no Warhawk = list fail

This game is the best multiplayer experience that you can get in any platform!

WAR_MACHINE773509d ago

I agree that warhawk should be on the list. It deserves a spot a lot more than kane and lynch.

crazypuppet3509d ago

nbc bought most of them back

The BS Police3509d ago

It is a Flight simulator... not a FPS.

Alcohog3509d ago

No Uncharted, no bioshock. Wait who goes to MSNBC for videogame news...and who approved this nonsense. Fission mailed.

GlossGreen3509d ago

first game mentioned on MSNBC (Microsoft NBC) news is Halo, how legit do you think it will be?

Achievement Unlocked3509d ago

they do work for microsoft remember kiddies?


3.Halo 3

But Gears of War MP sill pwns them all !


Kleptic3509d ago

Gears of War MP tops everything of 2007?

call us when the shuttle lands dude...

phoenixtilt3509d ago

yikes americas army .. that is not a good game

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The story is too old to be commented.