The Darkness 2 - Digital Extremes is looking into a FOV option for the PC version

DSOGaming writes: "Dear developers and publishers, start taking notes; Field of View is really important to all PC gamers. Yes, your game might look awesome in consoles and on TV’s, but on a PC monitor, it does not. Part of that is due to the distance between the gamer and the TV/monitor. That distance is reduced when gaming on a PC – that is not hooked up on a HDTV – and a low FOV setting can cause headaches to a lot of your customers."

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Dits2353d ago

Thanks Digital Extremes you are going to change some ini numbers! Amazing

-MD-2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

The default FOV hasn't bothered me, good news though for those of you who need this change.

mafiahajeri2353d ago

killzones biggest problem was its FOV was too zoomed in...

bozebo2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

I like the way they have to "look into it" when all we want is a variable in the ini file or options menu (that gets directly plugged into the rendering API, work that they will already have done to hard code the FOV in the code somewhere).

Business idiots/ "designers"/ producers in suits think they need a board meeting and an investors summit then schedule HR to find a suitable outsourcable workforce to make any simple change that makes the game good on PC. FFS. Ok that was an exageration lol, but that is why every console port annoys me - it takes NO effort to add the basic functions that are essential on the PC; the work is already done infact - one programmer just has to make a few tweaks if they are allowed.

Anyway. All the technical staff are 100% aware that "Field of View is really important to all PC gamers" and other various things - because they are all PC gamers. But they can't make decisions without a designer or producer (most likely a console gamer who uses a Mac as their workstation/home computer - might even throw that out and replace it with an iPad, or they are not a gamer at all and shouldn't even be working in the industry) calling the shots.

Dits2353d ago

Funny how it is always 2K games as well, Bioshock 1 & 2 had the same issue