SEN (PSN) and Xbox LIVE Pros and Cons

Weighing up the pros and cons of each console's service – the Sony Entertainment Network for PlayStation, or the Xbox LIVE service for Xbox.

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bahabeast2175d ago

xbox live is nice but i dnt see why people say its soo much better than SEN i have a ps3 and playstation plus and im pretty much happy with everything they give.

Minato-Namikaze2175d ago

It's because they pay for it. It's no way they'd admit to being scammed. If the 360 had a tier based model I would have one.

calibann2175d ago

I love Xbox Live. I have no objections to the gold fee, I enjoy the service they provide and the daily content updates. The price is justified, believe me. Xbox Live and SEN are both great. Neither is going to get far ahead of the other because Sony and Microsoft are competing with each other constantly.

StrongMan2175d ago


So paying for features that are free everywhere else and lots of ads is justified? Look how excited you guys were to pay for Youtube.

Emilio_Estevez2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

@calibann - You say you have no problem with the gold fee, but then say "Live and SEN are both great. Neither is going to get far ahead of the other" - so how can you feel the price is justified when they are close in your own opinion and 1 is free, the other is not?

calibann2174d ago


No, we are not paying for the apps that are free everywhere else. We are paying for the maintenance and high quality of an online gaming experience. £30 a year is an incredibly small price to pay for the service.

@DrStabwounds Although they are close, the 360 IS ahead. That is something I don't mind paying £30 a year for; Microsoft's aggressive competitive nature. We will always be ahead, because it's a paid service.

Why do you think 360 sales numbers have been so well maintained and ahead of Ps3? Microsoft clearly know how to keep people from switching to Ps3. They are tactical marketing warriors, always keeping us fed with content and apps.

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gamingdroid2175d ago

If you don't use the features much, it doesn't matter and you won't notice the difference....

Outside_ofthe_Box2175d ago

Exactly. Which is why Microsoft should have a free service that just allows you to play games online and doesn't include the features at all.

gamingdroid2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )


I must disagree with you, especially since there are free alternatives on other platforms.

The paying customer subsidizes for those that do not, increasing the pool of "non-payers" means less investment from MS. One of the main reason why Xbox Live is the leader, is due to the fee.

Furthermore, everyone I meet on Xbox Live Gold tends to be very active users and also have a higher attachment to their account. This means I'm more likely to meet the type of gamer that is going to be on my friends list for a long time, that is actually turning into a real "gaming" friend and not an anonymous I met, but now forgotten and is cluttering my friends list.

Now if there were no free alternatives, I could see your complaint, but as it stands I see tangible benefit from Xbox Live Gold and like to keep it that way i.e. there is a product/service for everyone, free with SEN (formerly PSN) or Xbox Live.... soon also Nintento Network.

Outside_ofthe_Box2174d ago

So in other words if you want free online buy a PS3?

Fair enough, I see your point. I guess it all comes down to which is the deal breaker for you: Paying a fee or the features.

Tanir2175d ago

why would they not act like live is better?

if you realized you were paying 60$ a year to play online when everyone else does it free you would feel dumb, so in order to not feel like a moron they try to justify their purchase.

its funny because they talk about all the features no one cares about and say it makes the price worth it.

but why isn't just the online play portion free and the other features optional like PSN+?

so their reason is void and is just an excuse.

there is 0 reason why the online play should be paytoplay.

their is still alot of lag online from my experience with 2 years of live and halo 3, and reach. sooooo dunno wtf everyone is talkin bout......Oh yeah apparently cross game chat is worth the 60$ alone....please that crap is worth 5 bucks by itself.

dark-hollow2175d ago

I really would LOVE a free xbl gold.
That's a major up for SEN,
Buy to be fair, there is some great features that xbl offer over sen:

Cross game chat.
Party chat up to 8 players.
Universal invites and messages (send invites and messages to up to 100 account in the same time)
Free demos for every Xbox live arcade game.
The ability to join in-game session (join your friends game without him sending an invite to you unless its a private match)
Log in up to 4 xbl accounts on the same time and each can handle his chat/party messages (meaning player 1 is chatting with superzELITEskilzzx on private chat while player 2&3&4 on a different party chat room)

For me its a great service for £5 a month but I can understand other people who don't use these features and doesn't justify the price.

But you have no right to call people idiots for how they want to spend their own money!

trenso12174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

wtf double post?

trenso12174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

do you seriously use cross game chat and party chat avidly? you can can join a friends session in an online a private game on ps3 too. as long as the game isnt full you can join. you can also send invites to multiple people on the ps3 as well. and some games support multiple accounts like lbp. so really all i saw was cross game and party chat which i wouldnt even use unless i need to inform a friend of something.

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Moncole2175d ago

I think XBL is better because you get more features and has a lot more downloadable games. Sure it has a subscription but it doesnt cost that much and you can always get deals so you can have it cheaper.

Rageanitus2175d ago

xbox live is such a huge scam.... I have live and quite honestly it does the same thing as psn but with ad's and crap!

It is funny how xbox fanboys bring up the argument cross game chat as a major selling point sorry that is not a selling point to me.

If I wanted to play a game i scehdule it with my friends via phone sms "guys wanna play tonight" ...
once logged in you see your friends invite to game now we chat!

taking that extra "step" is it really worth 50 dollars?

BabyTownFrolics2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

every game on live has a trial version, this is not true on PSN

live is not a scam, and I dont see why your so angry about what other people do with their own money

Jls12175d ago

SEN> xbox live till live is free imo

vega2752175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

for me Live is just better than psn or sen whatever you want to call it. i love the features Live has and the fact you can play games and indie games before you buy them. something sony still has failed to do with any of there indie games.

I like being able to keep up with family and friends no matter what I'm doing. also cross game invites/chat is great. i love the kinect features they put into the new update.

for me Live is just worth the for a service i enjoy. PSN or sen just feel Barebone. if i had to pay for PSN i would only pay for a day cause after that i would want my money back. but that's just me

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