One of the best selling points for the PlayStation Vita isn't even the games

Digitally Downloaded writes "Of course, the games are the main reason to buy a console, but some news today just made the Vita an even more attractive purchase."

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Emilio_Estevez2351d ago

No one really talks about remote play, which is an awesome feature.

FriedGoat2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

They don't talk about it because they don't believe its going to be supported well enough. The PSP remote play was bad, Laggy and only a very few games supported it. Currently the Vita is using the crappy PSP remote play and there has been no info as to whether there will be a better version or more games supported. This is the problem. Also, all the hacked videos of people playing unsupported games still have 60+ Ms of input lag, and that makes playing on it very unattractive.

Emilio_Estevez2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

I use it on the psp all the time, just not for games mostly. The vita doesn't use the psp remote play, the 'hacked' ones do, that's why they have lag. There is a video of a legit one from the psblog today -

FriedGoat2351d ago

Thats not remote play, thats cross platform play. Different story.

Hisiru2351d ago

It's cool and all but I want games...

darthv722351d ago

I could play my ps1 games on it from downstairs. I just hated going upstairs to change games.

All in all it was a neat idea that i am certain will be all the more improved on the vita. Issues with performance are not always bandwidth limited but overall hardware limited as well.

I did notice that doing remote play with a psp 2000 was a tad smoother than on a 1000. The extra memory helps with the load balancing. My testing was done using the same settings for remote play on a 1000, 2000 and GO and the same game (Strider for PS1). Seeing as the GO and 2000 have the same amount of internal RAM there was no difference. The 1000 appeared to be slower in input and interaction.

Can't wait to try out RP on a Vita.

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NBT912351d ago

What does that have to do with Vodafone allowing people to pay for Vita on monthly contracts? lol

Waddy1012351d ago

Sony have said multiple times that once the Vita is released worldwide they will release a PS3 update that allows ALL PS3 games to be played over Remote-play.

Freshnikes2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

I agree that they are not gonna support it like they should, I seen a couple of hacked ps3 streaming bf3 and so forth to the vita,. I don't understand Sony marketing strategy. All of their aaa games should have this. I'm getting a ps vita because I'm a nerd and I can afford it, just like I got the new iPad , but $250-300 that is alot of opinion when the price point hits $200-250 watch out this thing is gonna sell like peanutbutter & jelly

solidt122351d ago

Lol, you just said you bought an iPad, and $250-$300 is alot of money in the same sentence. How much did that iPad cost you?

dredgewalker2351d ago

Lol, if I had money to buy an Ipad I wouldn't be worrying on the Vita's price. Also I wouldn't compare a tablet to a gaming console since they perform very differently and are used for different purposes. My mom loves to browse, organise and even play mini games on her Ipad and Iphone while my brother spends hours gaming on his Vita.

one2thr2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

To whom, is $200-$300 a lot of money to exactly?... I make that in a week as a dishwasher?...
If smartphones and tablets can sell like hotcakes, then why shouldnt the PS-Vita?... Oh wait.... Its "people" *face palm*

Jobesy2351d ago

After the vita, memory card, taxes, warranty and games, you're looking at a minimum $350 usd. If that's all you make, you must still live at home, because that wage isn't enough to live on your own.

I don't have people to support me and I also don't have the highest paying job either. I have to budget my money and spend wisely. A $350 expenditure when I already have a ps3 to play games isn't in my budget, as well as many others. Spending money for games on 2 platforms is just too much.

Nobody is saying that the cost of the vita isn't justified, rather, the spending of $350 just to get in the door is just too much to spend when people are budgeting their cash.

one2thr2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Lmao I actually don't live with my parents or any family members... And I also live in a 2 story 3 bedroom house....
And I'm also not on any government aided living...
And my fridge stays full...
I just know how to take care of and spend my money right :)
Fun fact, huh?...
Wanna know my secret?.... Its called "Budgeting", and also having a car before you move out of your parents house, and also having a girl that really cares for you....
Yup thats my secret... I also have a game room, and all my bills are or stay paid a few weeks in advance.... Oh and i dont have a credit card, i always pay in cash :)...
Nothings never impossible, just because you never seen somebody do it... :)
And oh my rents $700 a month :) and i always have enough money in my pockets to go out and what not :)... Lifes good, if you know how to spend your money :)
Let's go!!! My China Star is here!!! (Chinese food)

Freshnikes2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

$300 is alot for alot of ppl. I have alot of friends who work at temp agency's because they have been laid off from jobs they had for over 5yrs. If u make $250 a week and u spend that on vita that is sad u clearly cannot afford it,( ghetto rich) u must not have any kids or responsibility !!!! As far as the iPad goes,,I'm not comparing them, I'm just saying $600 for iPad is alot of money for alot of families...just like $300(plus games) is alot of money for a family.. Wait till u have a wife and kids and morgage ....grow up dishwasher boy!!!!

NBT912351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Anywayz - not buying one. At least not on contract. I already have my IPhone on contract with them and dont want to be forced to pay them even more every month.

Edit - I will say though, if you are going to be using mobile internet a lot, contract is the way to go. Pay As You Go is apparently very expensive, especially on iPhones where it eats your credit.

one2thr2351d ago

You do know that there is a $250 version thats wifi only rightt?...
And I also thought that the 3G model will have a prepaid 3G service, confirm or deny?...

Marceles2351d ago

Confirmed, in fact...if you buy one at launch you get a free data connect pass. But reading NBT91, nothing will satisfy. Prepaid: too much money, contract: too much money.

NBT912351d ago

Well yeah but I didnt mention it, Vodafone are offering a contract for the 3G mobile internet, so it doesnt apply to the wi-Fi model, therefore it is irrelevant - I mean, you did read the article before commenting, right?

I think the PSVita is fairly priced, for what it is. But 3G, when not on contract is what will make it expensive. Especially with being able to have online games of whatever high end game, over it. As for it being pre paid - I dont know.... I dont want a vita so I wouldn't know

Knight_Cid2351d ago

games sell systems, not remote play

games are the point of a system, not remote play

Games are the only selling point for a gamer

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