Modern Warfare 3 Tenth Prestige Hacks On The Loose

ThisisXbox writes: "If it’s not boosters sat crouching in corners, or young kids screaming about no scoping kills cussing and antagonising aggressive responses from the online Modern Warfare 3 community – it’s the 10th Prestige Lobbies, and the number one most hated hack is back… the 10th Prestige Glitch has found its way into the game once more."

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Emilio_Estevez2327d ago

I thought Elite was supposed to stop stuff like this.

FinaLXiii2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

Does it matter? as if MW3 is competitive anyways.

dark-hollow2326d ago

This is pathetic! Every single time this thing happen.
Its not a hack anymore.
Its More like a cheat code.

2325d ago
thisisxboxcom2327d ago

So did I, but seems not !!

JeffGUNZ2327d ago

How is that fun? It's a stupid icon next to your name, is it really worth being banned for? Pathetic. Until this game gives worthwhile awards for entering prestige, I will stay at level 80 and max all the weapons.

Wikkid6662327d ago

LOL! Let them do it... because in the they will get banned.

zizco52327d ago

And that is why Call of Duty Sucks!!!,BF3 still the best.

JeffGUNZ2326d ago

What a terrible conclusion. You know boosting happens in every game, right? So the fact that these morons made a boosting lobby to rank up faster, makes COD a bad game. Get over COD bro, it's pathetic.

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The story is too old to be commented.