Notch Responds to Double Fine's Kickstarter Success

SPOnG: "Markus 'Notch' Persson, of Minecraft fame, posted this picture on Twitter earlier. It was in response to the overwhelming support of Double Fine's crowd-sourced investment initiative on Kickstarter. No words really need to be said about it. Just absorb and enjoy the beauty of it."

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bozebo2228d ago

I hope it sells millions, just to troll the publishers who turned him down.

I know loads of people have been dieing to play a new point & click adventure game, of which there are so few.

Publishers obviously think that the console market is all there is.

roadkillers2228d ago

At the time of this post the game has sold 36,418 copies and its not even released yet. Everyone who helps donate ($15 minimum?) money gets the game when it comes out.