Skyward Sword: The Hype Will Go On, But Let's Get Critical

Skyward Sword's been out in the wild for about two-and-a-half months now, but Nintendo's still apparently got some steam left in their hype engines. They've collected testimonials from Club Nintendo member product surveys and spliced together some of the best most generic praise in a new old trailer to try to drum up excitement for the game on their social networking platforms. (You can see a sample of the results at left.)

Yes, the game managed to soar to the top of my "favorite Zelda games" list without too much trouble thanks to a few excellent design and gameplay choices that really captured the adventurer's spirit within me (how's that for generic?), but even I can admit that there's a lot to be improved for the next entry. So while Nintendo should definitely bask in the serious and well-earned praise Skyward Sword's received in recent months, it's also time to start thinking about the game's missteps.

Let's take a moment to celebrate the game by enjoying the testimonial trailer, but let's follow that up with a serious critique of the game through a less rosy-colored lens.

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browngamer412234d ago

I love this game I really do-but after having a couple of months to digest it there are a few things I would have changed mainly the fact there is no way to warp..warping has been in like every single Zelda game except this one-it got a little annoying to have to back out of each section of the overworld just to fly to another section...A connected overworld would have been nice also-all in all still a great game though!

TacoTaru2233d ago

I wanted to love this game but I didn't get very far into it before I encountered the tight-rope walking mechanics and those little burr things that stuck to you and then blew up if you didn't jiggle them off. After a couple of those I was so irritated with balancing when crossing a rope that I found it wasn't worth playing the rest of the game. Too bad. It was a pretty world.

DarthSidious2233d ago

Nintendo with their gimmicky controls and super outdated technology. Games should be fun, not so very frustrating. In fact, that's actually the same area where I also gave up and listed both that game, and my Wii, on eBay.