Guns N Roses Rocks Burnout Paradise City, Mozart Makes Surprise Appearance

In a case of getting things just right, EA announced this morning to MTV Multiplayer and GameTrailers that the soundtrack for next month's Burnout Paradise will feature Guns N Roses' 1987 "grass is green" and "girls are pretty" anthem Paradise City.

Slash and Axl aren't alone, of course. EA provided Multiplayer a first look at the games' 40-song rock-heavy play-list, which includes Alice in Chains, Twisted Sister and more.

But there are actually more than 40 songs, and more than just rockers on the roster. The game includes music from Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Boccherini and other classical composers. Has the crash-crazy Burnout series gone soft? The classical music tracks start playing when the player lets their Burnout car idle for several seconds. The game switches to a screensaver mode. The game's rich color palette dampens to black and white, the camera starts moving on its own, away from the player's idling car. And the classics play. Burnout has never been quite so civilized.

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MK_Red3778d ago

What the... Tchaikovsky and Mozart in Burnout!!???? Now this is madness. Classic and calmness in the most crashtastic and intense racing game of all. Crazy yet awesome. Can't wait.

SabreMan3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

it's shear brilliance and bordering on genius to have classical music playing in a game like burnout, you sum it up perfectly "Crazy yet Awesome"

i can just hear the cannons firing in the 1812 Overture as your ramming an opponent off the road pure classical class

Infernus3778d ago

Classical music goes soo well to carnage. I'm surprised they haven't thought of this before. Games like Hitman used classical music, people think of it as soft and innocent music but it works so well with violence and will fit perfectly to Burnout.

MK_Red3778d ago

"i can just hear the cannons firing in the 1812 Overture as your ramming an opponent off the road pure classical class"
Good one :)

As for classical and carnage, I believe Hitman changes the classic theme to a more intese and action one when the carnage and shootout begins but still, I do agree that they kinda get together well. I still remember and love the awesome Black TV Spot with the house being destroyed by bullets. Also, some of John Woo's biggest carnages are indeed accompanied by classic and slower themes.