Review Nightwing Bundle Pack DLC for Batman: Arkham City |

There's a new hero in Gotham.
Playstation 3 version tested.

Even the backs of superheroes grow. In this case is Dick Grayson, the first Robin, stealing the limelight from the Bat and hitting hard in the same missions that have seen starring his former mentor in the basic game.

Son of the mob killed two trapeze artists and educated by Bruce Wayne as his assistant Dick grew up to be able to leave the shadow of Batman and build its own identity. No more Robin the Boy Wonder, but the vigilante Nightwing. Dick has also recently replaced Batman (as it did after the failure of Jean Paul Valley, aka Azrael, while Bruce was convalescing from wounds received in war with Bane) as a vigilante of Gotham wearing the mantle of his mentor.

Unfortunately none of this has to do with this DLC ...

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