DiRT 3 Complete Edition announced and coming on March 9th; new screenshots released

DSOGaming writes: "Codemasters announced that DiRT 3 Complete Edition, a compendium box set featuring the multi award-winning racer expanded with over £20 (€25) worth of additional content, will race into stores on March 9th for X360, PS3 and PC with a suggested price of £29.99 (€39.99)."

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Yi-Long2207d ago

... I liked Dirt 2, but I skipped Dirt 3 because of all the DLC.

Kinda lost interest in the game by now, especially since most people seem to agree that Dirt 2 was the best in the Dirt-series.

I hope that for Dirt 4 they just go back to their rally-roots and offer us LONG rally-tracks through many different gorgeous environments, and keep out all the 'extreme' and 'dude' stuff.

SOD_Delta2207d ago

DiRT 3 is great, but I agree with you about the short rally tracks. I hope DiRT 4 does indeed include long tracks, but I want GRID 2 before DiRT 4.

Yi-Long2207d ago

... GRID is one of my favourite racing games this gen, and it's drop-dead gorgeous.

Pintheshadows2207d ago

I actually still think the first Dirt was the best. It had far better rally stages than 2 or 3 and for me a better selection of cars.

Hopefully GRID 2 is next. It's long overdue.

pucpop2207d ago

dirt3 was too "teenage wank" for my taste with all that american nonsense. gonna skip this release.

Der_Kommandant2207d ago

I hope codemasters go back to Dirt 1 and leave all that extreme attitude

john22207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

With that 'DiRT Showdown' that is coming at a later date... I doubt Codies will go back to their routes anytime soon

josephayal2207d ago

Anyway imo Rally is very boring

chanmasta2207d ago

WHY ARE YOU ON A DIRT 3 ARTICLE THEN? Come to spread negativity onto people who like it? Nice.