Amalur Vs. Skyrim: Does Gameplay Matter?

"The gameplay in Skyrim is, objectively speaking, awful. It’s basically point and click. Yes, there are abilities, and moves, and you can move your little guy around, but at the end of the day you go up to an enemy, roll the dice, and see whether you win or lose.

Amalur has a much deeper combat system: each play style feels totally different, the player gets to mix and macth abilities to make a unique avatar, combat is fluid and dynamic, etc. and so forth. It’s all true, and 38 Studios accomplished an impressive task when they built a quick paced action-RPG system with the depth of a stat-based RPG. It makes for a great game, but for some reason, old point and click Skyrim is so much more engaging."

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Ezio20482325d ago

sadly people around fail to recognize that not only new IP's too have potential to be a successful franchise but also they could come with something better than most other established franchises.

Rowland2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

just a year or two ago true RPG's were considered 'a dying breed' mainly thanks to the likes of Bioware as they sought to dumb down the genre out of existence.

Now thanks to Bethesda (again!) there's a resurgence and return to proper RPG's, so it's brilliant to have another open world, non-linear, true RPG to look forward to !

RedDead2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

It's widely accepted under the elder scrolls fanbase(from offical forum) that Skyrim is a BAD rpg, or not much of one, it's an action game in and open world. Everything is "Go here, kill and collect the items" And you have no influence on the world, no one recognizes you etc, the dark brotherhood should know and be begging the Dragonborn to join them for example. And level scaling gets rid of the point of an RPG's feeling in combat. The point is you grow to face stronger enemies and become a god of the world, not them remaining the same strength throughout the game depending on how strong you are.

Look at New vegas as an example anyway, being with one faction will turn another against you and on sight they will attempt for your life, they even send out assassination squads for you. Skyrim is too casual for that to happen, you can go and do whatever you want from the beginning, that's not an RPG, that's an exploration game

Also, Skyrim's massive emphasis on combat, one would hope the game has a solid combat system. But it doesn't. Yet most quests and exploring and dealt with through combat. They should ditch that crappy engine and make a game themselves properly.

firefly692325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Thanks to Bethesda???Wtf are you talking!Rpgs and Jrpg`s never were a dying breed and neither was Bethesda the responsable for any kind of reborn.Good rpg take time and efford to make!

SOD_Delta2325d ago

Honestly I didn't care for Skyrim, Which is funny because Oblivion is one of my favorite games this gen. Amalur on the other hand is great. I think it's a better game than Skyrim. Skyrim just wasn't as fun as Oblivion was to me. Am I the only one who thinks Skyrim isn't all that great?

Tr10wn2325d ago

Honestly yes... you are the only person. beside that cool story bro, enjoy amalur.

Play2Win2325d ago

Well, actually Skyrim is a great game no doubt. Maybe on the the best RPGs this Gen. Espcl. on PC it offers a lot of great mods. Even if Amalur has its moments it cannot exactly compete with Skyrim in the full package.

Captain Qwark 92325d ago

not even close dude. skyrim is half the game oblivion was and even less of a game than morrwind was. skyrim is considered the "best rpg" this gen by many but actual fans of the elder scrolls all seem to be rather disappointed becuase we know better. the only system where skyrim is actually pretty good is pc but thats thanks to all the mods, without them, it would have been a huge disappointment too.

skyrim introduced many new fans to the elder scrolls becuase its excellent graphics and dumbed down gameplay, however it seems to have alienated many of its old fans which unfortunately is a much smaller crowd so its unlikely it will ever return to its deep roots.

i think amalur is more similar to morrowind/oblivion and you will see many old elder scrolls fans like you and myself playing that instead.

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Rowland2325d ago

who cares which one is who's favorite - the point is there are now choices & with many more quality RPGs to come this year & next.

Bethesda have set the benchmark in spectacular fashion so expect bigger & better RPGs from other devs as they try & compete.

firefly692325d ago

All matters!But gameplay is the fundamental aspect in any kind of game!

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