5 Things game developers won’t stop doing (That everyone hates)

Some people never learn from their mistakes - and game developers don't, either. We take a look at 5 recurring tropes in games that really need to come to an end - but probably won't any time soon.

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thedude442266d ago

release 10% of their game as dlc.

irepbtown2266d ago

I dont mind DLC if they are like Dice's, a whole new mode or some crazy shit like they did for Bad Company.

But then you see games that are unfinished, splash out on crap DLCs, expensive for a pile of dog poo...


jeseth2266d ago

Announcing DLC before the game is released.

That's what I hate most... it's like a slap in the face. The devs already have stuff that should be in the game but they leave it out to bone you later!

DeFFeR2266d ago

^ That - especially when you install the game to your HD and realize it's only 3 GB to find that the rest is ready to download day 1 for $15.

Battlefield did it right (on 360 at least with the disc size limitation) - ship two discs, one for MP one for SP and have a graphics pack waiting for you to DL if necessary.

MsclMexican2266d ago

Release a game broken day 1.... rather than just holding it back so it is enjoyable day one.

Can someone explain the significance of 11.11.11?

kaveti66162265d ago

"Can someone explain the significance of 11.11.11?"

All the digits are one. It's a good marketing tool.

bahabeast2266d ago

DLC i hate it never bought one single piece in my life.

Hufandpuf2266d ago

There's actually some quality DLC out there. ME2's Shadow Broker, Fallout 3's numerous expansions, etc.

zero_cool2266d ago

Bethesda & quality never go together you must be joking lmfao!

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

frostypants2266d ago

DICE's DLC for the BF games is often pretty epic. The Vietnam DLC for BFBC2 was was like a whole new game. New character models, new weapons, new vehicles, new sound, new music, new environments...

dredgewalker2266d ago

Borderlands dlc added a lot of things to the game. Some companies get it right while some are just too greedy.

Goozex2266d ago

If u want to blame someone for creating the "dlc" in gaming that would happen to be none other than MS.

snipes1012266d ago

Just...dude...really...dont start that shit here.

firefoxmccloud2266d ago

I signed in just to let you know how stupid you are.

Dark_king2265d ago

Really MS is to blame for exclusive timed dlc, but dlc in general no.I would sooner blame Media Molecule they have released more DLC then anyone.Sure they didn't start it, an they do it right not separating the community and its at a good price.
The honest truth is we are the ones to blame we buy it.You can't blame the devs when most people just buy any crap dlc.You can only blame those that buy it.

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gamernova2266d ago

I saw MW3 and decided not to read haha

gamernova2266d ago

Because it is nothing I haven't already heard. Not only do they do the same crap for MW (which everyone knows at this point) but every article rehashes the previous one about how repetitive it is. So they're doing the same thing that CoD is without realizing it haha

vortis2266d ago

I actually agree with you.

Not only that but why do these idiotic sites bash CoD all throughout the year and then turn around and give it a 9/10 and tell everyone to buy it? WTF is that?

jeseth2266d ago

Because at its core, COD is an excellent shooter. Love it or hate it. The base of COD:MW inside these games is still virtually unmatched on consoles.

Could the game use a graphics engine update? Sure. But COD's gameplay is top notch. People like to rag on it for not "bringing anything new" but most FPS games are gradual successors over their previous installments. COD always adds new game modes and extras but it goes unnoticed because the graphics haven't changed much in a while, only slight tweaking.

Butv... at its core ... COD is an excellent FPS game (especially on consoles, BF3 is Godly on PC).

latinalover2266d ago

this is funny "It’s bad enough you have to take out 37 henchmen by yourself, but you have to do it before they manage to shoot the idiot standing in the open looking like he just woke up with a hangover."

Kran2266d ago

They keep saying:

"Oh the 360 is so easy to develop."
"Oh the PS3 is so hard to develop."
"Oh the PS3 and 360 are so easy to develop."
"Oh the PS3 and 360 are so hard to develop."
*Oh the Wii is too easy to develop."


Series_IIa2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

So if someone is getting interviewed they can't answer that question because it upsets the toddlers who roam N4G?

Kran2266d ago

Well if a developer is getting interviewed about "a game" then maybe they should talk about "the game", not how easy it is to develop, because while they might find it so easy, there are people who would like to get into gaming who might "not" find it easy.

SignifiedSix2266d ago

I've never seen anything about the 360 being hard to develop for. If that were the case, PC's would be hard to develop for...

Kran2266d ago

It was a figure of speech...

firefoxmccloud2266d ago

Post is too hard to comprehend.

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