PS Vita drops to €229

Sony's latest handheld is not even available, but there is already a company that offers the PS Vita starting at € 229...

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Fishy Fingers2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

I'd of understood if it were a translation error. But it isnt.. "PS Vita for € 229 spotted!"

Poor submission and approvals. Not that thats anything uncommon. Anyway, if your looking to pick it up in the EU, there's your first offer to check out.

GribbleGrunger2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

this is a better offer though:

ShopTo now selling Vita from £209.84

Fishy Fingers2298d ago

Cheaper than some places are selling PSPgo's LOL. If only I could justify it right now... Maybe in six months.... :(

grailly2298d ago

that's the price I got it for with a 16Go memory stick. I you check online offers properly you can find some good deals.

for anyone in switzerland, check and enter "VALENTINE" as a coupon code, you'll get 20% off the entire order.

MasterCornholio2298d ago

Headline makes it seem that the Vita suffered a price drop. It should be changed.


Rampaged Death2298d ago

Still overpriced when you think about the memory card situation. I may wait to see if Sony do a built in memory model.

rezzah2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

That does not make the Vita itself overpriced.

it makes the memory cards overpriced.


It appears to be a unconscious acceptance that the Vita, what was once considered to be greatly priced, is now overpriced.

When it was considered to be at a good price it was on equal footing with the 3DS.

However, now that the 3DS is $70 lower than its original price, the Vita is instantly considered to be overpriced.

Why do these people think that way?

dredgewalker2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Apparently most people are unaware of how much it costs to develop the Vita. And I am also certain that their parents won't buy it for them :P

rezzah2298d ago

I believe the Nintendo products hold more of nostalgic feeling towards adults who are not even gamers. meaning that they may not play video games but might think of games they played when they were younger. Mario. They would want it for their child, to enjoy what they enjoyed.

Along with being nostalgic even to the older folks who may not game, the products have an image of family or games being for children.

This is what the Nintendo handhelds hold over the Sony Handhelds. Sony products are seen as more mature, and maybe even less family oriented game-wise.

And it is as you say, the price will overall affect the choices made when purchasing a handheld for children.

dredgewalker2298d ago

That's a good point. There's so much nostalgia with the Nintendo brand along with very memorable franchises that many people loved. What Sony did is make gaming cool and accepted by the masses and gained an older audience. Gaming used to be relegated towards the geeks, nerds and children until Sony came into the gaming industry.

gamingdroid2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Pricing isn't determined by "the product" itself often times. It is the value that is perceived by the consumer.

When the PS Vita was announced, the next competitor was Nintedo 3DS, but now that it has had a price cut consumers now perceive the PS Vita as over priced.

The market has changed and let's hope Sony will too.


***Gaming used to be relegated towards the geeks, nerds and children until Sony came into the gaming industry.***

Ironically, it was Nintendo that expanded the market and made gaming hip. The "hardcore" gaming crowd is indeed the geeks and nerds and often times *still* seen as such today.

dredgewalker2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )


It's not as bad as it was in the past. As far as I can remember Nintendo pushed products that were meant for family entertainment. In the East the NES is named Family Computer which is actually the real name of the console since it originated in Japan. Also in terms of features the Vita is significantly more feature rich than the 3DS which should also reflect on the pricing.

rezzah2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

If sony does become flexible with the market with the Vita, chances are that they will keep the price range of the memory cards to be at a high for a lengthier time.

So I see it as two possible paths, lower the price of the Vita and have expensive memory cards for a longer time. Then there is the option of cutting prices of memory cards and holding on to the price of the Vita for longer than commonly expected.

However i am sure that Sony isn`t limited to these two obvious decisions. So what they will bring about I am unsure. Overall I have a feeling that they may hold on to their prices as they did lose 2 billion yen (or us?) recently. I know it is in the other Sony product market, but they may use this side of their products to help aid in the loss of the other sides.

So though it may seem to be best in lowering prices quickly as Nintendo has done, overall it may not be helpful for the company.

dredgewalker2298d ago


Sony already has 2 versions of the Vita. The more expensive one has 3g and the other one has only wifi. It's gonna take some time before the price drops and it usually happens with hardware revisions. If they're gonna put the price lower, it's only reasonable that they'll have to cut some features. Also the pricing for the cards and games was the same when the psp was launched with umd along with the Sony memory stick. Right now they cannot make such a price cut because I am certain that the Vita is already being sold at a loss for Sony. Any lower and it will sabotage the pricing of the next version of the Vita. I'm not an arm chair analyst since I am involved in our family business that makes luxury goods.

gamerz2298d ago

You're exactly right, it's the memory cards that are overpriced. That's what changed my mind from a day 1 purchase to, hell no, I'm getting screwed on a stupid memory card.

Others don't seem to mind but when I know about how much something costs I can't just bend over and be gouged on it. It's like paying Microsoft $100 for a network adapter, that's absurd, but many people just say "Hey, they work hard and deserve to make money off you."

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rezzah2298d ago

So, now that 3DS may be deemed pathetic by the media they must aim for the Vita to be worse?

I don`t know why, but it is as if the Vita will only be accepted (in the media) as long as it is seen in public as the worse of the two.

Or maybe applying simplistic negativity to the Vita gets them more hits.

Half-Mafia2298d ago

You can get a Vita for £210 from Shopto, RRP is £230. When the 3DS was about to launch the RRP was £230 and Tesco was selling it at £175.

The RRP of a product only seem to stick in the US.