Todd Howard: Over 10 million Skyrim players, average PC playtime 75 hours

During his DICE 2012 keynote speech, Bethesda Games Studios game director and executive producer Todd Howard revealed that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been played by "over ten million people." In December, Bethesda revealed it had shipped ten million units worldwide.

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Rowland2473d ago

75 hours playtime only scratches the surface of this amazing gaming experience (I'm lv 44 on 209 hours, about half way through).

what kind of gamer 'gives up' on Skyrim after only 75 hours ?

callahan092473d ago

I have 2 hours into Skyrim. I just barely got out of what I would call the early "tutorial"/opening sequences of the game. I didn't "give up" on it though. But I'm certainly one bringing down that average play time. The reason I haven't put more time in, yet, is because I was engrossed in Dark Souls when Skyrim came out. When it came out, I decided to launch it immediately, but after ending my first play session with the game, I decided I wanted to finish exploring Dark Souls before continuing with Skyrim. Then life got kind of busy and I haven't gotten to play much lately. When I play lately, it's still Dark Souls. But I should finish up with that soon enough, and then it shall be Skyrim for me and I'll finally start clocking up those hours.

Legion2473d ago

75 Hours is maybe a long time for a regular single player game but for an open world RPG I would think that is very small fraction of time to be considered "amazing".

I have put in over 380 hours alone on BF3 multiplayer. My Skyrim hours will surely be high once I go back to it. (taking a break waiting for all the updates to finish being distributed)

Arts10002473d ago

should love to be counted along with all the other players .......... looking forward to play this game again after the patch ........ OH god here we go again .

kma2k2473d ago

I finished my first playhtrough in 107 hours, im planning on gonig back for a second playthrough....eventually.

Lucreto2473d ago

I am around 170 hours. I didn't realise the game counter kept moving in the pause menu so a good 30 hours can be removed from that. I am nearly done with it. I just got the civil war quest line to finish but I can't decide on which side to join.