One Month With the PlayStation Vita: What Went Wrong?

GameSpot - As listeners to the GameSpot UK Podcast will know, I've had my doubts about the PlayStation Vita. Its size, its use of proprietary memory cards, its price. And now, having had one in my possession for over a month, those doubts have solidified. It is a relic; a product of a bygone era of handheld gaming that has learned little from the mistakes of its predecessors and the direction of the industry as a whole.

Sure, from a purely technological standpoint, it's impressive. The 5-inch OLED screen is something to behold, displaying visuals that would have been unthinkable on a handheld just a few short years ago. It has every input method you could possibly want: dual analog sticks, a touch screen, a rear touch pad, gyroscope, accelerometer, cameras, and a GPS. And it's pretty darn comfortable to use too.

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-Mezzo-2208d ago

Ahh, this was expected. A hatred filled article just in time for the PS-Vita US Release.

thedude442208d ago

One Month With the PlayStation Vita: What Went Wrong?

I had bills to pay and could not buy every game. :/

darthv722208d ago

no patience maybe. Generally speaking, people who jump the gun on things do so of their own accord. Others who choose to wait and see are the ones who take advantage of all that is offered to them when its available.

It has been argued many times that the only reason early adopters do what they do is not just because they can but because of the bragging rights they feel it entitles them too.

if this guy thought the early purchase of the Vita was going to be life changing then he obviously didnt get the memo.

Like the old phrase goes. Good things come to those that wait. For those that don' to be you.

morganfell2208d ago

Echoes of EGM just months after the PS3 launched with a cover story depicting the PS3 with a tomato slammed against it asking "What Went Wrong?"

This is where people that like the Vita have to be completely unforgiving of such idiocy, timed as it is and refuse to give Gamespot a hit...ever. Vote with your fingers and teach them that what they are doing isn't journalism, not in the least, rather it is irresponsibly on a grand scale. And in light of their jaded past, a little more than suspect.

Here is a better headline:

"Taking brides to adjust game scores. What went wrong."

sikbeta2208d ago

It's different now, PS3 is a home console, home consoles have their space in the market a no one can take them down

Now the portable gaming market is a dying breed

I don't care about the success of the 3DS as "proof" that it's not happening, because what it's preventing N to face the same fate are their IPs, Mario, Pokemon, Zelda (+ the help of Monster Hunter now)

But as long as more casual crap has the "Angry Birds treatment" = big selling brand (Apple) promoting those s***y games and zealots fall for it, the perceived value of a gaming specific device is deluted, because gaming device can play games, but cannot make phone calls + loads of other social s*** and it doesn't have 200 angry birds clone games and all that

MastaMold2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

This Gen with gaming media: What went wrong?

GribbleGrunger2208d ago

well like i suggested: could Sony have allowed the early release of Vita games in the US because they knew the media would hit hard with these types of articles just prior to release? i believe so.

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-Alpha2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Surprised to see such an opinionated piece by Gamespot

I don't necessarily see why he's comparing it to smartphones. I don't see why people expect Sony to fold to the Apple market. His complaints about the operating software is really arbitrary and nothing Sony can't update via firmware. While I'm not a fan of the bubbles UI myself, I am absolutely impressed with the integration of the PSN, it's much more involved than PSN on PS3. It's also not competing with Android or Apple, I think people who compare it to that, and people who expect those sorts of users to buy a Vita make up a market that are insignificant and who are never intended to be Sony's audience.

I find any criticism about the Vita's library, or support to be short sighted if people are going to write it off early. Sony is thinking long term, and I feel some people are quick to jump the doom wagon when the Vita's library is just going to mature a little slower.

smashcrashbash2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

I don't see why it should be that way at all. What happened to buying something like the VITA because it had great games and not how powerful the camera is on it or how well the internet browser works. What happened to twin joysticks, great looking, big library of a variety of games, OLED screen, light weight design , PSN, PSP and PS3 games able to be played etc.

At what point did Sony ever say they were competing with phones or tablets? They even went all out and made casual games and varying prices. And all people can harp on about is how UC:GA cost $50.00. That is only $10.00 more the Nintendo asks for remakes on the 3DS and it isn't even a remake. It's just one game while the others cost much less.

And yet people constantly prod and poke at every minor con it has. I remember someone going on about how the camera is not high level so he won't be buying it. Since when is the VITA a camera? They could have left out the camera, the internet browser, all the apps, rear screen,AR and AR cards and it still would have been a portable gaming console. All of this is just icing on an already yummy VITA cake and people STILL complain.

I am tired of the repeated 'phone games are just as good as portable games' story. I couldn't play any of those games for twenty minutes.Doesn't anyone realize that people would not waste their time buying them if they cost the price of the games we play? People STILL buy games at $40-$60 but if Angry Birds or any phone game was above $10.00 NO ONE would buy them.They are not equal. They are cheaper. That's it.

hellzsupernova2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

stands and appluads you sir are a very very good man! or female for that matter. I actually read your whole comment and found it was very intelligent and well thoughtout very unlike my spelling.
plus bubbles and i couldnt agree more vita is not a phone it is not a camera it is not a tablet IT IS PORTABLE GAMING at its best!

edit: the only time i can bare gaming on my smart phone is on the toilet taking a dump which is when i play the FREE version of angry birds

Why o why2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Why does it take opinionated off the mark articles like this for us recognise that the western media are just being them. Call it bias or paranoia i dont care. Ive seen enough over the years in all parts of my life where the media has an agenda be it sports, politics, trends whatever. Gamespot have calmed it down over the years so ive forgiven them but i havent forgot the crap they have done no matter how many people tell me bias or favoritism doesnt exist..Lets have it right here, agenda or not this opinion piece off one of the biggest and well known sites is off the mark.

Nice comments smash cras and alpha

We should use their terms against them...wheres the smart phones Uncharted killa or modnation killa. People with agendas tend to group or compare things together that shouldnt be just to make a bulls#|+ points

sikbeta2208d ago

"I don't see why people expect Sony to fold to the Apple market"

Because that's exactly what Apple is doing, they keep pushing hard their casual s*** in their I-POS-devices and casuals eat everything their Apple overlords say, so IF I-POS has a new "hit" replacement of angry birds, they'll promote the f*** out of it and people will take in a sec

Meanwhile the core + the nostalgic gamers buy 3DSs, close their eyes thinking that Apple is not a competition of Nintendo and everything is cool

Sony has no chance, they don't have the Nintendo IPs that prevent the 3DS to go down, but it doesn't matter, bacuase as time goes on, people will keep following trends and IF Apple keeps being the hot thing in the market, well, then at some point it'll replace everything, yes, including Nintendo dedicated handhelds

Mikhail2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

off topic: I borrowed the ps vita of my friend and played uncharted on it. Its great and comparable to uncharted 1. The UI is good. I think its intuitive enough and it looks good to me.

Wtf? okay angry birds...he said he rather play angry birds? that is absurd....smartphone for gaming?...ok its good for 10 mins... i played infinity blade...its priceat 6$.I killed the god king in 1 hour. it was fun at first but it became repetitive. monster hunter is worth more than this as well as uncharted. provided that I am a gamer and i enjoy this hobby.

why do you people want to kill handhelds...its a niche market. games on smartphones grab a market which have no interest in gaming. the 3ds is outselling its predessor. Why? because the niche market is large enough to sustain the console.

Edit. the battery life when gaming uncharted was 5 hours. somewhat the same when i played birth by sleep in the psp. comparing it when playing infinity blade amd gta3...the iphone 4s game me roughly 3 hours ... so screw those review sites without doing comparative test.....

PsychopathicNinja2208d ago

If it's Vita it's not off topic.

tigertron2208d ago

I remember when it was all doom and gloom for the PS3, now look how far its come since 2006.

360GamerFG2208d ago

You mean after more price drops than the competition? Yeah Vita will need those too

reynod2208d ago


Sorry to burst your bubble but PS3 hasnt been a profitable venture for Sony, in the end thats what really matters for any company. All Sony has been doing is registering loss after loss.

Optical_Matrix2208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

I'm going to have to own both FinancialGamer, and Reynod.

Let me start with FinancialGamer....simply put, your statement is factually incorrect. The PS3 has only seen 2-3 price drops in its life time. One in the first year, one in 2009, and one last year.

Now, reynod, your statement is also factually incorrect. The PlayStation division reminds Sony's most profitable business venture. Despite huge losses in 2006-2009, Sony is now making profit. How much that is? I don't know.

As for this article? I'm all for opinions but this sounds like a smartphone fanboy rant to me. Angrybirds and Vita games are not comparable. There's a reason people will pay £34 for Uncharted Golden Abyss, but try that shit with Angry Birds and no one will so much as hit 'add to cart' on the App Store. The levels of quality differ immensely so I heavily suggest the author doesn't chat sh*t next time he writes such a farcical opinion piece.

The game argument is invalid as PS Vita easily has one of the best console launch line ups ever seen. The memory card argument is now moot because at least here in the UK, several retailers are bundling games and memory cards from 4-16GB's for with WiFi Vita's for sub £250. Hell I'm getting a PS Vita + Rayman Origins Bundle for £218. That's cheaper than the machines stand alone price.

Haters, come at me.

reynod2208d ago


You do realise back in 2000 Sony was valued at 100billion usd, today it stands at just 19billion usd.

When i said PS3 has been a loss making venture i didnt just mean the last 1 year or so. I ment as a whole. Which is pretty much true. Even if did profit over the last year or two its not enough to cover all the losses made previously.

Already another generation is upon them, which means and all of us know starting another gen means making more losses.

360GamerFG2208d ago

Are you saying Wii and Xbox 360 have had 3 price drops each? If not, then my statement remains factual.

tiffac0082208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )


Your forgetting Sony is not just a gaming manufacturer. Their woes are caused by their TV and Smartphones divisions, not by their Playstation division. Which is probably the only bright spot they have currently.

There is a reason they bundled all their electronic divisions into one, when they are putting out their financial reports and that's because they are trying to mask how bad the other divisions are really doing by softening the blow with the profits from the Playstation division.

Are they going to recoup their R&D loses from the PS3? Probably not but to say its not profitable is highly incorrect at this stage in its lifetime.

As for the topic at hand, doesn't the writer know there is a way to put a different account into a PSV and its not tied to just one?

PixL2208d ago

What went wrong with GameSpot?

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