Four irritatingly impossible games that made me put my foot through the TV

A lot has been said about how games have been dumbed down to suit the masses in this generation and I have to agree, very few games are anywhere near as difficult as these 4 anymore

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WobblyOnion2349d ago

You obviously haven't played Dark Souls or Demon's Souls.

Son_Lee2349d ago

Agreed. Although those games are about playing smart and learning the levels. So,while they're hard at first and for a while, once beaten, they are quite easy in hindsight.

Nevertheless, he needs to play some more games. I doubt these are as difficult as Contra, Dark Souls, etc.

Dac2u2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Battletoads is one of the hardest games of all time, I put well over 100 hours into it as a teen and was never able to complete the game. I could finish Contra without the Konami code 3-4 years before Battletoads even came out. I also have a Platinum trophy for Dark Souls, it was easy compared to the three games mentioned.

TMNT is another game that I was never able to complete without the use of save states in an emulator. I could make it all the way through the dam level without losing a turtle. But, it gets so much harder after that.

I was able to finish Ninja Gaiden but again, it took me over a hundred hours to memorize the game. Also, the end of the game is extremely hard. If you die on any of the final three bosses, you go back to the beginning of the act.

megaworm252349d ago

'put my foot through the TV'

and their's a guy punching a laptop


Son_Lee2349d ago

My thoughts exactly! Haha.