Gaming Crushes: I Loved You Until You Opened Your Mouth

Alex Porter reflects on how voice acting has made and broken some of his favorite video game characters.

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Venox20082327d ago

I actually liked Metroid: other M ...but now people want a Zelda game with "open mouth".. so I don't know about this..

cpayne932326d ago

Just as long as Link doesn't talk.

izumo_lee2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Ummm it is too late for that....

cpayne932325d ago

@izumo_lee I have never seen that video before, and I never want to see it again for the rest of my life.

Tanir2326d ago

nothing is wrong with talking, well sept for mario, he and the cast need to stfu.

if its any nintendo game that needs speech its zelda. Link shouldn't talk though, but the npc's should aswell as zelda. Im sick of hearing that gibberish garbage, its so stupid and lazy.

but people like nintendo strictly for nostalgia, its why they dont mind everything being a rehash.

glad that Other M was made, team ninja did a great job.

mike1up2326d ago

You began with something that I strongly disagree with... Then you make a statement that I couldn't possibly disagree with...

Later you make a general statement, that was already disproven with the success of the Wii... And you end with something that I am proud to agree with.

Sorry, had to give you the disagree. Mario has an awesome voice.

Titanz2326d ago

"Hannah Montana is not a bounty hunter"

Approved because of this sentence.

MacUser19862326d ago

I loved Other M, next to the Prime Trilogy it's my favorite in the series to be quite honest.

streetalchemist2326d ago

I have no problem with talking in games at all, I just think it needs to be done carefully. My intent wasn't to trash on Other M (I actually really enjoy the gameplay), but to speak on how the voice acting set me up in a different place that I think it would have with a different voice. I think a stronger voice would have made me even accept the parts of the story that I have issue with. :) Also, the line about Hannah Montana was a simple statement of fact ;)