Bethesda reveals Skyrim dragon mounts, house-building, Kinect shouts and more

Players have been requesting a dragon mount since before the game released, and that (along with any other features seen in this video) may eventually become a reality, as Howard stated they all have the possibility of being released as paid DLC or in free updates.

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Sadie21002321d ago

Haha, Kinect shouts would be so ridiculous. Though I'm sure I'd try it out...

h311rais3r2320d ago

They exist on pc. It's a mod.

RedDead2320d ago

Thanks for showing us Content we can't have bethesda. Also that mod on PC, correct me if i'm wrong but don't you need to select a shout before you can say the words for it? Whereas with this one, you just shout any one of them and it'll work regardless if it's equipped or not?

xPhearR3dx2320d ago

When I saw this on IGN, I just KNEW someone would post it here with a title that actually made it sound like these features are coming. They didn't "reveal" anything, they simple expressed ideas. Nothing more.

DV_Bastian2320d ago

Revealing something and making an announcement are two separate things. They most definitely did reveal all of these features, unless you've seen these internal videos somewhere else before?

Pushagree2320d ago

All that sounds pretty manly except for the kinect thing.

Shadonic2320d ago

So shouting FUS ROH DA at your screen and actually having that action take place in game isent manly are you MAD?!!!!

BitbyDeath2320d ago

LOL, can't tell if you are serious or not...

Letros2320d ago

Now we all know how sensitive you are about your manhood, real men don't care about what other people think.

banner2320d ago

@ vashlion

Well.... I think you and your dad are gay while your mom really loves p*ssy

I'm glad that you care what I think about you and your fam. :)

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Drake1172320d ago

All of this looks pretty cool actually. Giant mudcrab boss is epic.

Kalowest2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Lmao "Giant mudcrab boss is epic' made me think is this.

MagicAccent2320d ago

We don't need Bethesda anymore. We got modders.

MsclMexican2320d ago

With bethesda.... I do not believe until I see it.... in the game (not some video demo.... but me playing it)

Until then.... this is all I get

Lazy_Sunday2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

HD quality below, with sound :3

DV_Bastian2320d ago

A better version of the video (with sound!) has been added to the original post.

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barefootgamer2321d ago

A skeletal butler would've been sweet!

ziggurcat2320d ago

how about fixes the the worst problems in their broken game?

CrimsonEngage2320d ago

OT- Seems to run fine on my Xbox.

On topic -

No one would ever make jokes about Mudcrabs again! O.O

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reynod2320d ago

Its a very low demanding game as is. I am currently playing this @ 5760 * 1080p with everything maxed out with high res textures and still at 60FPS. I dont see how the game is brocken.

iamgoatman2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Sh*t, misread your post and thought the first part of the resolution was your GPU. My mistake.

Tri-SLI GTX 580 makes more sense lol.

reynod2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Lol dude, its the resolution 5760*1080(sorry my bad most people here dont know what a resolution is). Which is 3 times higher then 1080p, its gaming on 3 different screens. Its called Nvidia surround or AMD eyefinity, google it.

The Gpus used are GTX 580 in Tri sli. My screens are now 3D vision enabled, I ordered my 3D vision kit too, hence cant wait to see how this looks like in 3D hopefully running on 3 screens :P

dougr2320d ago

lol...this is a ridiculous comment considering your running the game maxed out with around $1350 worth of GPU's and then you have the audacity to say it has low demands. Actually to run it at a constant 60 FPS it has pretty hard core demands in cities and such if you are going to install hi res texture packs.

mynameisEvil2320d ago

Awww, well now I'm annoyed. I have a 6970, 8 GB of RAM, a 6-core Phenom II...

And Skyrim is suddenly giving me framerates between 20 (Mostly Riften) and 55...

To the Tech Support Forums!

bozebo2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

TBH Skyrim is severely overly demanding for how it looks.

If you go to some places like markarth that should obviously have occlusion bodies in the large rocky buildings - they dont, the game is rendering everything behind that massive lump of rock.

Basically, they just recycled the engine again and added some fancy new shaders. If they had any reason to put more effort into it (ie, if Zenimax had some financial reason to) then the game would perform a lot better on all 3 platforms.

I have invested some time in modern graphics programming and can tell you that Skyrim's API usage is somewhat behind the times - even for a DX9 game. (hell, their developers were on forums asking for help with terrain stiching when working on Oblivion)

A lot of the textures are a horrendously low resolution, which puzzles me - a lot are lower resolution than in Oblivion and even Source games from 2004. Though artistically, they have done extremely well which will certainly mean that when they do actually buff up the engine for their next game it should be a sight to behold.

My rig is modest by todays standards: Q6600 OC 3.4GHz, 4GB 1066 DDR2 5-5-5-15, 280GTX (with some factory OC on it), Spinpoint F1 500BG (just to rule out HDD streaming suttering). And I get severe performance issues even with low/medium image quality, yet I can run TW2/BF3 on High with stable frame rates (both games which look A LOT better than Skyrim) I have tried all sorts of nHancer settings I always tweak my games, if I have problems I revert to default and do some more testing to make sure it isn't my fault. And of course I have tried all the other tweaks floating about the net and checked performace usage on my rig (it uses 100% shader resource so theres no odd bottleneck, just inefficient shader programming or scene occlusion).

Basically, there are a great deal of technical problems in Skyrim. It is a total resource hog considering how little it is doing, graphically. And the AI is barely improved from the previous installments, infact the engine is 95% the same. This whole "radial AI" thing they talk about is a waffle term for the way they present speach options and passing dialogue, there is no special or interesting technology (ie. AI) behind it at all.

Anyway it is still a decent game, just nowhere near as good as it should have been (in just about every way).

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Tr10wn2320d ago

like? o wait they already fix most majors problems and the fact is that the game wasn't even broken at launch, wtf are people standards these days?

ziggurcat2320d ago

are you blind?

i think it's a pretty fair standard to not want a game you purchase for $60 to run at 5 frames per second after 20 or so hours of total gameplay.

it's also a pretty fair standard to not want that same game to crash every 10 -15 minutes.

and i think it's pretty fair to want to be able to complete all of the game's quests without them breaking.

all you have to do is go to the bethesda website and find the official skyrim bug thread... you'll see exactly what's wrong with the game.

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Allowen2320d ago

It runs fine on PC as well. No frame rate problems ,lag, crashes to desk top or what so ever in 1080p but it has 1,000 bugged quests.
I am sick to have to use console ~ comands to fix quests...

mook10222320d ago

I for one would have waited a flippin 'nother year for them to release Skyrim with all this already added into the game itself...then for a mod to do all this let alone dlc...months to a year later. Just sayin'....

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