Get PS Plus Free With These PS3 Games On Amazon

GamerXChange: "Amazon is offering a little treat for those thinking about getting some new PlayStation games;" A PlayStation Plus trial subscription.

Free games, huge discounts, and great exclusives are just some of the member benefits of PS Plus. Check out some of the titles that go along with the offer.

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GraveLord2235d ago

Great deal for new and even old PS3 owners!

Spitfire_Riggz2235d ago

There are some really good PS3 games there too, no tricks here

moparful992235d ago

Dang thats a really good deal.. There's not much in the way of free content this month on psn but the simpsons arcade game is a good one and they have a couple of new minis... They might still have some stuff on the last chance tab as well... The only downside is that if someone gets this deal thinking they can get some free games and then move along just remember that once your ps+ membership expires if you don't renew you will lose access to that content that you downloaded...

darthv722235d ago

"The only downside is that if someone gets this deal thinking they can get some free games and then move along just remember that once your ps+ membership expires if you don't renew you will lose access to that content that you downloaded"

That isnt a downside for sony. Its obvious that the loss of the free stuff is incentive enough to keep from lapsing on the membership. Or so they hope.

moparful992235d ago

I agree its incentive for someone to keep paying but I just dont want a situation where someone buys into this only to find out you have to keep paying for ps+ to access your content and go on some rant about how sony are crooks and yada yada yada..

Me personally, I have no reason to stop subscribing so its a no brainer for me

After seeing just how motivating it is losing access to content I better understand why people pay for live.. I'm just glad sony didn't make it to where you have to have plus to play online...

rezzah2235d ago

The files remain, you just can`t play the game. So whenever you get a new membership you can play again.

moparful992235d ago

Yea I know lol I was just posing it from the standpoint of someone that isn't aware of that catch and I don't want them to start another anti sony movement over it lol.. Just educating the masses :)

darthv722235d ago

"After seeing just how motivating it is losing access to content I better understand why people pay for live"

Its nice to see someone finally gets it. People paying for live dont do it specifically because of competitive play. There are plenty who do so to get in on the gold member perks besides online play. When that membership isnt there they obviously cant do those things anymore.

Sony has studied live and found a way to create a need out of something that starts off as an option. Its like once you are a member you dont want to lose that membership because of the perks you get from being the member.

Now this part is interesting: "I'm just glad sony didn't make it to where you have to have plus to play online" that is not so far off. One thing sony has stated is the core of online would be free. They never said anything about exclusive levels for plus members. Or games that you get free that have online play but you have to be a member to play.

Sony is in this for the $$$ just like MS. Difference is we knew MS was a paid service from the beginning. Sony has added an optional paid service with the potential to be a requirement if the game designates it.

despair2235d ago

Except this is all conjecture on your part, not to mention what is offered by PS+ and what is offered by XBL gold are fundamentally different and not really comparable.

Also if anyone ever thought that either Sony or MS were in it for anything other than money, then they're more naive that ever.

The whole of PS+ is not necessary or mandatory for users and it was definitely smart for them to set it up for us to keep coming back if we wanted to keep the majority of the content. But with XBlive its something that people have a need of, its almost mandatory to have gold because of the sheer amount of content you will not get.

Just because you know what you're getting doesn't mean its better than something introduced later on. Gold is just ripping people off and forcing us to pay for something that should've been free years ago, if the other services are so enticing then why not offer them alone for gold and put online play as free. They can't do that because the majority of subscribers will vanish.

Deluding yourself into thinking Gold is a good thing or in any way or reason justifiable is wrong. There is no real defense for it. As for PS+ there is definitely the possibility of Sony adding some exclusive stuff or requiring payment, but I see that as slim to negligible by the current trend.

And considering what they have given so far for Plus and the fact that the normal service is not getting shortchanged either, I don't see how you can even project a pay to play future for Sony online.

darthv722234d ago

nice comment but i think you are missing out on something. New features being added to the PSN (sorry SEN) are being offered to the plus members first. If they do become available to the free members then so be it but sony is obviously taking a queue from MS on this one.

Cloud storage, auto sync, auto patching and downloads, etc. All of that stuff is available if you are a paid member. It may not be something people will specifically pay for but you have to figure that to make plus relevant to the members they would need to keep adding things to it to differentiate it from the free side.

It only makes sense that sony would restructure their service to cater to the paid members because they are the ones paying. If the same features were available to the free side then what would be the point of being a member? Its like I said before. MS was not hiding anything when they made Live a paid service from the beginning.

sony was basically stuck at making something of value (online play) free to start with because their online service was nowhere near as structured as live. What many dont seem to understand is that they WILL make it a requirement to get the "full" enjoyment out of being a PS3/Vita user.

No different than on the PC. There are plenty of games that can be played online for free but there are also "members only" games that require a fee to be part of that game. If you arent a paid member then you could still play but be limited to how much of the experience you get to enjoy. For some thats ok, others will pay and these companies know that.

Will MS offer a free online for silver members? If they did then it would come with limits such as how many hours per month or something like that.

Will sony start charging to pay to play online? My assumption is yes because it is too much of a cash cow to NOT take advantage of.

That is just an assumption and the way they 'could' go about it is via exclusive content that is only available to plus members. That is not such a hard thing to fathom. Especially considering that sony has lost $$$ and will need to review new avenues to make some of that back.

Its either that or open the games themselves to internal advertising. By which you would have to watch ads prior to playing the games like movie studios have done with dvd/bluray movies.

Advertising revenue can outweigh consumer revenue depending on the conditions. I'd hate to have to watch an ad before playing an online game but that may be the new direction console gaming could head. It is already on PC and there is usually a trickle down effect.

lashes2ashes2235d ago

In the USA. On ps plus this month there is over six free games including a full blu ray game download. I be leave on the 21th

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Tommy3342235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Had me all excited its only a 30 day free trail