PC Gamer US Game of the Year awards 2011

PC Gamer - If it happens in videogames, it happens on the PC first. Every year, developers conjure new ways to dazzle, mystify, challenge, and entertain us—some with a handful of deceptively simple game mechanics and a unique art style, others by building entire worlds that accommodate whatever role we choose to play in them. Whatever the approach, the big advancements always take place on the only platform without masters or limitations.

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GraveLord2327d ago

MW3 pic so I'm guessing that won?

-Mezzo-2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

It only won "Best Shooter of The Year (Single Player)", it still weird that "BF3" didn't" won any Awards from "PC" Gamer.

h311rais3r2326d ago

It won? How? It's the worst Port of the year AND it offers NOTHING pc gamers like. No good graphics. No ranked dedicated servers. 65 fov? Wtf. I know it's single layer but many fps were vastly superior. Crysis 2. Deus ex. Etc. something tells me they added that to stir people up...they now lost me as a reader. Atleast RO got mentioned...