Epic Mickey 2 getting Wii U support

It appears that whenever Epic Mickey 2 is announced, it will have some sort of Wii U support - either for the original Wii or an individual Wii SKU.

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GraveLord2353d ago

Most likely Wii U version.

If they release the tablet and make it compatible with Wii, people will have no reason to upgrade to the Wii U.

Instigator2353d ago

It could also be a Wii version with special features when played on a Wii U. But if the sequel is going multiplat, a Wii U version would be better as it wouldn't be inferior to the other versions.

MySwordIsHeavenly2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Glad to get a PS3 version. :) Move support?

LX-General-Kaos2353d ago

I hope they show something on this game at E3. Along with the long awaited starfox (air ship only) game. Nintendo has a 3 mile long list worth of great exclusives to dig into for the Wii U.

And if there are any Nintendo fans reading. Support Xenoblade.

na-no-nai2353d ago

I got Xenoblade preordered now all I waiting for is to come in thru the mail. If and when they get Last Story and Pandora Tower to U.S. I get those too

LX-General-Kaos2353d ago

I am hyped for xenoblade the most because it looks 1990s good. But i will still get all three if ever released here. I am also happy to just now learn that Nintendo pretty much owns Mistwalker studio. Or something close to owning it.

na-no-nai2352d ago

Yeah it does look 1990s good. Hopefully they do buy it or own Mistwalker; cuz I really believe their games are a good match for Nintendo. Like how Nintendo owning Fatal Frame ip.

bahabeast2353d ago

i wanted to try out the first epic mickey but i dnt have a wii and i wnt buy one no time up in now or mabe never. im glad part 2 will be on ps3 cnt wait to try it, lets make it a downloadable title :D

PygmelionHunter2353d ago

Great, let's hope this one doesn't suck. I might receive a lot of disagrees for saying that but whatever, the gameplay was mediocre at best...