The Darkness II: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku's Luke Plunkett writes, "While The Darkness was developed by Starbreeze, who are now putting the finishing touches on the new Syndicate, this game is the work of Digital Extremes, a studio normally responsible for platform-porting other 2K studios' titles. So there are changes. The game feels a bit less serious this time around, for example, the cel-shaded graphics giving things a more pulpy look.

There's also some other stuff that's changed. Let's see how much for the better."

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oh my god.... a YES or NO rating.

finbars752356d ago

its a great game no matter what they say.Yes its a short campaign on the hardest difficult but what a thrill ride of gore and guts.Great job on the story and voice acting.

Pintheshadows2355d ago

In fairness it isn't a great deal shorter than most fps campaigns these days. Took me about 6 and a half hours.

F3AR took me about 6.
BF3 about 5.

finbars752355d ago

I just like the mechanics and how smooth it was.I know its not the greatest shooter but the fun factor is put in there nicely which alot of games are missing.