When is Microsoft's Xbox 360 Price Cut Coming?

Bruce Everiss of Seeking Alpha conjectures when the next Xbox 360 price cut is coming, based on the relative financial and market positions of Microsoft and Sony.

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Jack T3808d ago

The 360 will have a price cut when MGS4 comes out.

PStriple7033808d ago

wow that's really going to help, theres noting M$ can do to stop MGS4, just like sony couldn't do nothin too stop halo3

pswi603808d ago

make sure you read between the lines here people....the 360 camp is calling for a price cut due to the increased ps3 momentum. they are now getting desperate and afraid.

first they denied/ignored the sales numbers:

then they tried to debunk Sony's sales forecast:

and now they are calling for a price cut now that they've accepted the worldwide growth in ps3 sales

keep in mind that vgchartz has been overtracking 360 sales by almost 2 million in NA and undertracking ps3 worldwide:

in other news, assassins creed and cod4 have hit 1 million each on ps3:

Genuine3808d ago

Honestly, can you sony fanboys get any more backward? 360 wasn't the console that had two price drops in it's first year. And the 360 is not the console with a 2-1 deficite. Understand this, if the 360 gets another price cut in the next month, it will be to bury the ps3, not out of desperation.

pswi603808d ago

the discontinuation of the 60gb SKU wasn't a price cut, more of a fire sale. the creation of the 40gb SKU was to make the ps3 more attractive to more buyers. if you remember it also came with less hd space, usb ports, no card readers and no b/c. not really a price cut, just a cheaper version. the 360 didnt need a price cut in its first year since it had no competition.

now, to address your argument, halo 3 was supposed to bury the ps3. now its a price cut. whats next? free 360's to Japan? the ps3 is here to stay, so i guess we will all have to get used to your ridiculous logic.

Genuine3808d ago

Lol,I see sony fanboys are in full damage control.

IntelligentAj3808d ago

I honestly can't understand why MS didn't already have the price cut. If they cut the price it would definitely cut into Sony's sales. I don't think waiting makes much sense. Hell i'm waiting for a price cut so I can buy one. The longer they wait, Sony builds up more momentum which wouldn't be good for them.

lawman11083808d ago

Hahahah THAT is funny because along with HOME, LBP also DELAYED it wont be out until at least Christmas 08. And MS will drop the price in the Spring when GTA4 comes out.

jiggyjay3808d ago

Before GTA IV comes out!

skillshot3807d ago

The article failed to mention one of the reasons Xbox360 has sold twice the systems could be that it has been out twice the time.

It fails to mention that the first year sales matched X360s almost exactly, despite hard competition from two other consoles.

It fails to mention PS3 being superior in hardware. I understand why this isn't a big issue with the SPUs, as nothing really uses them yet, but the BluRay player is important.

It also fails to mention that the article is only relevant to America, since Europe and Japan are selling far more PS3s and X360s.

I'm not saying it is biased, just uninformed at times. But I do agree with the overall message of a price cut possible early next year.

I think the tone should change from making it sound like the price cut will be the final blow, more to the price cut trying to keep it ahead of PS3s growing sales momentum.

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PStriple7033808d ago

it should be.......When is Microsoft's RROD Cure Coming?

WilliamRLBaker3808d ago

you dont own an 360...where as i have a launch pro unit thats never failed and an elite 5 month old now thats never had a much for your problems they dont exist cause you dont own the system...yet you post on forums my 360 broke!!!!

Capt CHAOS3808d ago

That's old news and MS have made amends since then.. Sheesh..

wageslave3808d ago

About 6 months ago...

Every new Xbox 360 is heat-failure free. They announced this months ago, when they changed the motherboard & CPU/GPU mounting, and reduced the component size and count.

Why dont you try and keep up? I know you have time, its not like you're playing games on that PS3 you love so much...

BIoodmask3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

again sometime early next year. After the Holiday rush is over. There is usually a drought of software during that period.

They need to get as close to a $200 mass market price point as possible if they want their install base to continue to grow at a healthy pace.

Price is after all a very important driving factor for hardware sales. This is one of the reasons why the Wii is so successful.

Hardcore gamers are willing to pay a higher pricetag for a games console. However, hardcore gamers make up a small percentage of the gaming demographic. Casual gamers by far outnumber them.

The casual gamers are the people that the $200 price tag appeals to. The gamers that just buy Madden, NBA live or GTA every new iteration...etc.

Achievement Unlocked3808d ago

this site is getting ridiculous with the sony kids. they see your name and they find it fun to disagree.

ill give you another agree though, because i find what you said to be true.

titntin3808d ago

It's not often I agree with you! But it would be tough to disagreee with anythign you are saying here..

There's no question that Sony has been gaining some momentum and that they do have a slew of good titles to tempt customers with in the new year, so it would make perfect sense for Microsoft to quell that momentum with a price cut that will make people pause and reconsider.

I agree that the next price cut is the most important one, and puts the product in the casual market which is indeed the largest demographic. Most 'hardcore gamers will have already bought one or both of main protaganists (I don't include wii). Though this market has tradionally been sony territory, the PS3 is still above mass market cost, so any inroads MS can make now will be good for the long run. You can plainly see by the adverts this xmas and many titles that they are concentrating on, that they recognise this, and understand that they need to grab some of the casual audience, so I'd expect aggresive pricing to be part of that push too. Only time will tell if they succeed..

Genuine3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

360 has alot of momentum going into 2008. The current 360 library is solid as a rock. Any gamer would be hard pressed not to pick a 360 up with a $379/$250/$179 pricepoint. I agree with this analyst, a $100 price drop across the board would be a knockout punch to the ps3. That would probably not only put the 360 back in the running with Wii, but it would probably be the move that finally sent the ps2 into retirement.

Lucreto3808d ago

Is only solid to people who like shooter. To me it weak enough to a gently wind could destroy it.

Genuine3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Lol, yeah and you little ps3 followers are coming out of the woodwork to buy COD4 and UT3. GTFO hypocrite. You say that the 360's library only has shooters, yet 360 has higher quality and a higher quantity of every genre of game on the market over the ps3. GTHO kid.

Lucreto3808d ago

Well I am buying none of those. Folklore enterains me far more than Halo ever did. I played the first on the PC and I hated it.

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fresco3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Marketing-wise, that's the biggest title to be released next year. Rockstar/take two really goes all out to push that franchise.

If GTA releases in first half of 08 then two small price drops, one with GTA and one for Holiday 08. If GTA releases 2nd half of 08 then probably a bigger drop during the holiday.
Wouldn't be surprised if they do some sort of redesign/refreshed console for holiday 08 release.

Nintendo doesn't need to drop their price until demand starts to slow.

PS3 will most likely drop another $50 - $100 next year as well to coincide with either MGS or GTA.

wageslave3808d ago

When will Xbox 360 drop in price? Not until Sony drops the PS3 again.

This is about *relative* price -- and MS is exxactly where they want to be wrt price.

Kain813808d ago

Before GTAIV is Released

PStriple7033808d ago

there doing a bundle with the ps3 and gta

InMyOpinion3808d ago

The bundle reads "episodic content not included".

kspraydad3808d ago

episodic content isn't 'included' with the X version either.

a. it comes later as downloads

b. you are going to be paying for isn't 'inlcuded' in the price.

InMyOpinion3808d ago

Does "episodic content not available" sound better?

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