The Graphics Syndrome

One of my favorite things about video games is admiring the gorgeous worlds and special effects that developers are able to come up with. Despite that fact, I find that many games suffer from an emphasis on style over substance. As the next console hardware generation approaches, much of the conversation is centered around the kinds of graphical improvements that the new consoles will provide, but is that the best thing for us to focus on? Let's look at that question from both sides.

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Frankfurt2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

The best platformer of all time is still 240p. The best tennis game is pre-NES. The best fighting game is from before polygons came to consoles. The best beat-em-up is from before Sony even dreamed of making consoles. The best JRPG isn't even from the last decade. The best action game came last gen, not this one.

Graphics are meaningless. They have ALWAYS been. There are TEXT adventures that whoop the ass of 60 million dollar "AAA" titles this gen. There isn't a single classic genre that had their "best" this gen. Not one. And i say this as someone that LOVED this gen.

The only "bests" this gen were "best motion-controlled game" and "best QTE movie pretending to be a game".

Megaman_nerd2175d ago

I can easily pin-point all your references but what was the best action game of last gen? And please don't tell that it is Resident Evil 4....

DigitalRaptor2175d ago

The best developer doesn't just focus on one or the other. It's the sum of its parts that counts and the way in which it's executed.