Say it ain't so - No Kirby game in development for Wii

Official Nintendo Magazine (UK) have an 'Ask Nintendo' section where readers get to send in any questions they have, and Nintendo will answer (or dance around) your inquiry. One reader asked about Kirby and the Wii, and the answer can be found below:

"There are no plans right now for a Kirby game on Wii but there are plenty of Kirby fans out there, so in the meantime look out for Kirby in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Brawl which will be released in 2008."

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Reibooi3810d ago

Never really been a fan of kirby so shed no tears over this news. However just because there is no game in development now doesn't mean there won't be before the Wii's life cycle ends.

codenamelenny3810d ago

I think we will see the kirby Gamecube game in some form in a few years.

jinn3810d ago

Kirby does not want to be on a losing console in the war