'Battleship' Will Also Be a First-Person Shooter Now

Activision and Double Helix are developing a tactical first-person shooter based on an absurd action movie "based" on a fairly mundane boardgame. Get all that?

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CrimsonEngage2299d ago

In other news, it will also blow complete ass. Stay tuned for the weather.

jony_dols2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

I dunno, I wouldn't write it off totally. The Chronicles of Riddick film sucked ass, but the tie-in game was one of the best FPS's on the original Xbox.

But more than likely Battleship the Game will blow!


I think the likes of Uncharted, Gears of War, Metal Gear Solid, Super Mario Galaxy & GTA, beg to differ on the fact that only FPS games sell well.

Bereaver2298d ago

The movie didn't put me off enough to say "sucked ass".

But it's just an opinion.

STONEY42297d ago

Pitch Black was really, really good. Chronicles of Riddick (the sequel) was ruined by being PG-13, and making a movie fit around that. When Riddick's character and universe is anything but PG-13 material. The Director's Cut DVD fills in a few plot holes and shows a bit of gore, but the movie was still not that great.

Imagine if Terminator 2 was PG-13. Yeah.

But yeah, Escape from Butcher Bay is honestly the best movie tie-in game of all time. It's even one of my favorite games of all time. Starbreeze are really good developers.

brettyd2298d ago

Don't you know games dont sell unless their FPS's.

Gamer-Z2298d ago

And if it doesn't sell Activision can always slap COD on the cover lol

Vortex3D2298d ago

That's because publishers keep thinking unless the game has something to shoot all the time, it will not sell.

That's why traditional adventure games don't exist anymore. The hero must shoot and kill hundreds to thousands for the game to be fun.

For many gamers, unless they can shoot, it's not fun.

Tonester9252298d ago

Please stop this. Everything can't be a first person shooter. ESPECIALLY A STRATEGY BOARD GAME ABOUT BLOWING UP SHIPS.

Bereaver2298d ago

You sunk their battleship!

2v12297d ago

What is this. Where am I? What year is it?

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