Double Fine and 2 Player Productions Announce Kickstarter for New Adventure Game and Documentary

Double Fine and 2 Player Productions have officially announced a kickstarter for a new adventure game and documentary. This announcement comes hours after Tim Schafer took to Twitter to say “on the topic of using non-traditional game funding to fulfill fan requests, we WILL be making an announcement later today!”

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DaveMan2265d ago Show
Dac2u2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Here's the direct link to the program and an informative and hilarious video to watch.

It'd be fantastic if we got a new adventure game and a new Psychonauts both within the next few years.

Alos882265d ago

Given the timing I'd say this probably IS the new Psychonauts game.
*donates $30*

r212265d ago

oh sweet goodness gracious! i hope it is a sequel to Psychonauts. imagine what Tim and his team will be capable of with this gen's technology :O more crazier worlds, powers, and characters :D

Dac2u2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

The Psychonauts 2 talk is unrelated. This was in the works for quite awhile, they have a full production team already working on the documentary. The Psychonauts 2 talk just started a couple days ago.

RockmanII72265d ago

Ask for $400,000 in 34 days
Gets almost $300,000 in first day

Yea, I'm fairly confident this will meet it's goal. Also I love their rewards.

Mnemonic-DK2265d ago

Whoah! A new Schafer and Gilbert adventure game!
*donates $250*

Come on, all you old farts! Now is the time to prove how much you love the genre and wants to see something other than the next "awmahgawdthisnewshooterh azamazinggraphics" that requires reflexes like a squirrel on Jolt.

KentBlake2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Gotta love Double Fine and Tim Schafer. They still have to make a game I don't like. I've played and loved every single game they made (specially Stacking), and my daughter is in love with Happy Action Theater.

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