Are Video Games Really To Blame For Violence Within Our Culture?

WhatCulture: Are violent games really the reason behind the violence in the society? WhatCulture takes a look at the history and tries to answer this burning question.

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NovusTerminus2352d ago

The music I listen to is far more violent then the games I play, same goes for movies.

Ninja Assassin is very violent, we have movies about murderers getting away with their crime and sometimes it glorifies it.

And as for music... Bullet for my Valentine, Fiver Finger Death Punch Disturbed some of Avenged Sevenfold and some of Atreyu and The Birthday Massacre are all more agreesive and violent then most games I play, and that is just metal and rock music, no rap (I don't listen to it.) which is known to have some very vicious lyrics.

All in all, its crazy people and bad parents, who need to understand Modern Warfare, GTA, Mortal Kombat and Grand Theft Auto are not meant for their kids.

Nitrowolf22352d ago

Blaming Video games is just the media new excuse to avoid the real roots of issues.

Before video games it was movies
and before that it was Music
I mean when was the last time we heard that someone was influenced to murder due to movies or music? It's always gaming now, wasn't like that before.

firefoxprime2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Honestly I believe its the other way around.

Example. FPS have been around for almost 20 years...yet the rising mainstream popularity exploded with the infamous COD series. Which debuted when? 2003? Same year we charged Afghanistan....hmmmmm.

Anyways, our american culture is tainted with war, way more than the 1990s. Well aware of our country's war history, but bear with me.

I honestly believe the media has shoved war in our faces over the past 9 years. Children under the age of 10 have never experienced a childhood without wars fused media.

Bottom line, is that america has been on edge due to experiencing recession, economic hysteria, wars and rumors of wars. COD is so mainstream partly because people want to join in on the fight. They want an "outlet".

In my day(21) a violent game was Mortal Kombat. In 2012, its COD.

fear882352d ago

I blame parents. Its the parents obligation to raise their child. Not TV, not movies, not video games.

People need to realize that even without video games, movies, and music, its still the parents obligation to send the right messages to their child.

America has always been a violent entity and to claim that video games are the reason all of a sudden is to ignore the cultural problems that we have ingrained from the very inception of this country.

You will see that great parents communicate and actively engage their child in discussions. Not tell them what to do and expect something to happen.

Most parents nowadays tell their kids to leave them alone, do their homework, and if their kid does not comply, they get this notion that violence and anger gets the message across.

This is the direct root of our violence.

Its the parents influence of violence and not video games.

TruthBTold2351d ago

It's crappy inefficient corrupt governments who are to blame. The taxes everyone is charged are never used properly and somehow just end up making a certain group of individuals more money. Video games and movies as well as music are just reasons for the media to excuse the lack of responsability from government to deal with social and economic issues after they have taken it upon themselves to charge so many taxes with their reasons being more money is needed to handle them.

dark-hollow2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

if thats true,by the games the ive played in my life, i would be a serial killer by now...oh wait!

Blaine2352d ago

1. Video games are a laughable cause to even consider, since other global regions with less violence play the exact same games.

2. I've been playing violent games my whole life, and I'm the most gentle person I know! Also: I watched an episode of The Sopranos once (I wasn't hooked) and I was shocked by the gratuitous and severe violence of it. Here's me, playing violent games day-in and day-out, shocked by a TV show everyone and their mother watches, and no one ever mentions as being overtly violent.

But by all means, keep blaming video games and making yourself look stupid (speaking in general, not to anyone in particular!).

Moncole2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

They blame videogames because parents are too full of themselves to blame themselves and say they are bad parents. So they make videogames the scapegoat

Instead of buying your 13 year old brat COD and GTA get him games for his age.

Bigpappy2352d ago

COD and GTA auto do not make kids violent. Most violent people, including kids, are angry or feel alienated. Most of us played violent games at very young ages and are not violent in our normal lives.

Blaine2352d ago

I agree with pappy, and I'd add:

Your point, monocle, is almost contradictory. You're saying that games don't make people violent, and then say parents shouldn't let their kids play violent games. Why shouldn't they let their kids play violent games if the games won't make them violent?

I'm of the opinion, since I've been doing it myself my whole life, that playing violent games does not make one violent. And that parents don't need to prevent their kids from playing those games. But I do believe in firm parenting. Let your kids play the game; make sure they understand it isn't an example to emulate. Not every kid understands things the same way, which is why parents need to sit down and TALK to their kids (and also LISTEN).

But please, for the love of god and all that is holy (I'm not religious, I use the phrase for purposes of maximum emphasis only!), if you're going to let your kid play a violent game online, one that is populated mostly by older gamers, DON'T LET HIM PLAY WITH THE GOD DAMN MIC ON.

Mikhail2352d ago

Its more appropriate to blame parents.

thedude442352d ago

crazy videogames gives crazy people something to play, thats it.

cervantes992352d ago

Well adjusted people don't just start perpetrating violence against others just because they played a video game.

I remember back in the 80's that Rap music was blamed for youth violence. Then it was movies and now it's video games.

Many always looking to push blame on others rather than look in the mirror and take responsibility for their own actions.

Next, Facebook will be blamed for violence because of who knows what.

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