Street Fighter X Tekken Pre-order Bonus Round Up

Street Fighter X Tekken is soon to be released and most of the big online retailers have released their pre-order incentives. Will you take the Iron Curtain Gems pack or the Lightning Legs Gems pack?

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Veneno2233d ago

Fricken A, What I hate most about this game is that the only two characters I want to play, Christie and Leo, are both paid DLC. Seriously, F this stupid game. I'm not buying. And I hope that capcom fighting game fans take a stand on this game and don't buy.

FlashXIII2233d ago

SxT gems.. gotta get em all! Pathetic pathetic pathetic.. great idea ruined by corporate greed.

ScytheX32233d ago

yep and definitely will be banned by EVO and serious tournaments, i mean really, now evo and tournaments gotta worry about adding allt he dlc gems? wtf is that its like xfactor on steroids not to mention pandora mode

FlashXIII2233d ago

Didn't Ono come out and say gems are mandatory? I know they announced a tournament mode as free dlc but so far as I'm aware, there hasn't been any confirmations of the mode taking out gems.

kagon012233d ago

A very incomplete & broken product not worth the purchase, but idiots will still buy it and ruin gaming even more...