The PS3 updated in video

Gamersyde writes:

"DjMizuhara sent us this video showcasing the new visualization system of the music player included in the new 2.10 Firmware of the PS3. The music choice was his alone."

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Jack T3809d ago

The 360 music visualization is better. This is also insulting as Sony clearly do not know where Europe is. If they did then Europeans wouldn't have to wait weeks or months for games that are supposed to have all languages and no region coding.

Ashta3809d ago

PS3 games are region free last time I checked. Thats why people can download games from the PSN or import BR copies of games and have no problems.

Anyways, The 360 visualization is ridiculous and I don't see why you would even compare the two. The PS3 just shows a very VERY high detailed render of the Planet Earth while music plays in the background. Your rant was incoherent and your complaints pretty much had nothing to do with the topic on hand. Aside from your "360 one is better" comment you were pretty much just vomiting words out of your mouth.

CeruleanSky3809d ago

"The 360 music visualization is better."

Let me guess...the 360 puts up a 1080p image when playing music?

Close_Second3809d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

...the visualiser on the 360 is a crap. No real differences between the several options you have and they don't react or change all that well to the music being played. For instance, the quiet instramental at the beginning of "Telegraph Road - Dire Straits" sometimes results in an explosion of colour!?!

The entire music playback capability on the 360 needs an overhaul. I simply hate that little equaliser bar animation that plays next to the current track. I also want other features such as total album or playlist length, time remaining, etc. Also, be nice to have the ablity to change the bass, tone, through the 360 as well!

DEADEND3809d ago

They should add a new one in every firmware update.

Timesplitter143809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )


Now I'm putting this with classical music everytime I finish playing. Kinda like a screensaver. It's awesome!

jam93809d ago

I don't understand what point ppl could disagree Timesplitter14 comments. lol. I agree you.

jam93809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

So, where is beautiful moon? Where is HDTV ready moon pictures? Common, NHK and Sony!

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The story is too old to be commented.