The U.S. gaming population almost triples in the past 3 years

A study from the market research company Parks Associates has reported that the total number of people that play video games in the U.S. has nearly tripled, rising 241 percent, since 2008.

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Moncole2293d ago

I dont classify casual gamers are gamers. You are either a gamer or your not. Its like calling a person who draws doodles in there spare time a cartoonist.

DrFUD2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

It's not casual gaming that brought the increase.
It's unemployment and the free unemployment checks/money that have us sitting around more than ever loving it.
Plus you can only jerk off so many times before you start to chafe, and/or bleed, so gaming has its time to shine.
People are starting to wise up.
It's cheaper than drugs since you can play a game for as long as you want while the high from drugs only lasts for a few hours.
You can buy a game and skip going out for a few weeks so it's cheaper than going out.
Everybody would rather stay home and play videogames than go to work when the government pays us to =)

Please RE-ELECT OBAMA so you can continue to pay for me and my habits.

Thank You and God Bless America!

JeffGUNZ2292d ago


The little you know about the world frightens me. Maybe you should stop playing video games so much and enter the real world.

@Moncole. What are you talking about? I only get to play video games 3-5 hours per week due to my job and my family. Does that mean I don't enjoy them because I don't play as much as you do? Just because you play longer and more often doesn't make you "hardcore" or me "casual". This whole "hardcore vs. casual" crap was invented by nerds who needed a different term to justify their lack of lives and feel less nerdy.

Trust us, you're still nerdy.

TheDivine2292d ago

Its sad that its true. Social programs are killing america leaving a bunch of fat, lazy, stupid, burn outs instead of productive people. I know so many people that lost jobs so they can sit around for 2 years and let us taxpayers pay for their asses. Some even passed up jobs at places that are hard as shi* to get into and pay really well because they get free insurance, food cards, rent, and checks from the govt. The problem is the youth is all high school drop outs or non college grads who expect that they can make a decent living. You cant, you are not special your dumb and lazy and if your lucky you can get in a place longterm. They really do make more doing nothing.

I say if you dont work we should let you starve. Only way people will get motivated is making bieng poor as uncomfortable as possible. Thats why mexicans sneak in by the millions, they are poor with nothing and here bieng poor is like bieng rich.

SAE2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

everytime you elecet someone in america he act the same way the old presedent , it's like if other people controling them , all are bad and going in the same path , that's how i see it from here because he support the dictators here just like the old presedentm {bosh} , he even attack his own people and steal them so imagin the other people from outside america ...

people die everyday here for calling for democracy and he's giving them weapons just to get money!! so i hope you think more about electing someone like him , dont be selfish , the money you get from them may came from stepping on people injuries...

im not saying that you doesn't deserve the money , we all have our rights but supporting a killer is like stealing people money/lives/dignity/freedom

just choose someone who serve his own people and not the people serve him , choose someone who represent your people kindness and respect to others ..

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360GamerFG2292d ago

Oh yes, because thats a fair comparison. I play music on saturdays and sundays but have a regular 9 - 5 job during the week. I can play guitar and piano but I guess I'm not a musician because other people do it everyday. . .right?

JeffGUNZ2292d ago

perfectly said financial gamer. This guys is an idiot. "hardcore" gamer is just a synonym for "nerd". You either play video games or you don't, that's it.

dark-hollow2292d ago

if they contribute to the gaming market, then i dont care what kind of organic life they are

NeoBasch2292d ago

Even so, spending has been lower year over year.

ginsunuva2292d ago

Productivity is 1/3 that of before lol.

ZBlacktt2292d ago

I say welcome all new gamers! :D

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