Sports Champions, Deadmund’s Quest Dev Working on New PS3 Exclusive

Probably the best Move-only game out there, Zindagi Games’ Sports Champions highlighted just what the motion control was capable of. Their next release, Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest, sadly wasn’t as good, but still helped support the Move platform – something that Sony has had trouble doing. Now, PSLS have uncovered a job listing that states that the developer is working on yet another PS3-exclusive, which is probably another Move game. - PSLS

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Colwyn2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

not a surprise. sony is constantly announcing ps exclusives all the time. ive never heard of another game company announcing and releasing exclusives as much as sony. i know a lot of "gamers" take pleasure in sales of games but thats all they can do when they dont have any new games to play. to each his own

i dont want a chat station or a sales station, i want a PlayStation

Army_of_Darkness2230d ago

I can't understand how Zindagi Games went from an excellent move game like sports champion to Deadmund’s Quest?!?! like WTF?! the quality of they're second game was trash compared to their first?! I don't get it?! Sony better get rid of them if they fu*ck up their 3rd game!

BitbyDeath2230d ago

Why get rid of them? Zindagi bring in a whole different sort of game which very few do.

These differences should be embraced not removed.

Zindagi have a lot of promise. Even if some did not like their latest title.

L6RD7BLU32230d ago

I have a question for you by no means take this serious or the wrong way, but how are you always the first one to comment on stuff like this all the time you are always the first LMFAO!

360GamerFG2230d ago

Then BUY games so SONY can get out of the red for 4 years in a row.

PirateThom2230d ago

Most people here do buy games, the games division really has nothing to do with the losses.... might want to look at their TV sales first.

GraveLord2230d ago

Hopefully Sports Champions 2 with each mode being playable online.

metsgaming2230d ago

yes someone needs to make sport champions 2. Hopefully if they make something new it isnt on rails they implement the move really well now they just have to do that while being able to control your character. ( thats if its not another sports game)

FunAndGun2230d ago

I would still play the first one today if there was online play.

doctorstrange2230d ago

With Sorcery out this year, if Sony can come up with a few more games (like whatever this is) for 2012, it might have a strong chance at doing well + getting me interested.

Sev2230d ago

I pray something makes me interested in the PlayStation Move again. At this point its hard to have faith. A year and a half and a launch title - by Zindagi, mind you - is still the best game available.

DaveMan2230d ago

I really hope they'll release that zombie move game Until looked really interesting in the GDC trailer pics.

metsgaming2230d ago

sports champions was awesome i played it so much, so much that i think i was in the top 400 on the leaderboards. Bad part was there was nothing else everything else was just a gimmick and didn't use the controller properly. If they make another good game maybe Sony considers buying them? They need studios to focus on great implementation on the move and not just tacked afterthoughts.

BitbyDeath2230d ago

Make sure you check out "The Fight - Lights Out" as well.

But yea, would be good if Sony picked up 1 or 2 more studios for Move. (And most importantly not force existing devs onto it)


Don't us ps3 owners have enough exclusives my pockets are running fecking dry.

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