Customization in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

New screenshots shows how ninja tools can be customized.

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tayz2201d ago

i hope we can customize jutsus too!

rezzah2201d ago

I think that may be a bit too much. Maybe in the next game?

Btw just wanted to say this weeks episodes (2) were so freaking awesome!!!

Anyone keeping up with the anime will surely love the epis as it is actually showing what we have known with so little detail since early Naruto (9-Tails!).

GraveLord2201d ago

I would buy this game if it wasn't SO far ahead of the dub.
Oh well.

tayz2201d ago

dude its worth it. watch the subs and get the game, u will be happy u did!

Snookies122201d ago

Yeah man, you should really check out the subs... The dubs try to suit the show to a younger audience than what it is intended to be. Also, there's the fact that subs are way ahead in the story. ^^ Or, if you don't care for subs, try reading the manga! That's like 100 chapters ahead of the current sub version story haha.