Hooray. Diablo 3 WILL have public chat channels; coming soon to the beta via a patch

DSOGaming writes: "All hell has broken loose when Blizzard's community manager, Bashiok, tweeted that Diablo 3 would not support chat channels. We can't see anything wrong with that - as PC gamers can use Teamspeak and other similar programs - but it seems that a lot of you got annoyed by that. And naturally, a lot of Diablo fans started complaining and thought that Blizzard have turned their back on them. Well, good news everyone as Bashiok was wrong and public chat channels WILL be available in Diablo 3. In fact, they'll be in an upcoming beta patch so PC gamers will get to see and play around with them really soon."

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solidsheep2325d ago

With every new feature and delay they announce I feel like the game is inching to becoming a mmo (guild wars mmo model).

chak_2325d ago

I'm in the beta since ages. I wonder what the hell is Blizzard doing, they're close to not advancing it seems.

john22325d ago

A patch is coming soon and will bring - among other things - some changes to the skill trees

SlickShoes2325d ago

Changes for the sake of changes for the sake of changes.

Refining the game for years on end.

I hope I live to see release.