I Feel Used - Gamers Perspective

We have been hearing this same argument for a while now, and every time it seems like a strange complaint to make. Consumer rules – if we buy something, then we own it and can do whatever I want with it. The suggestion that it’s other people who need to change for developers to get a fair deal, just isn’t true.

For example, there is a strong used car market. Why do we never hear the major car companies complaining about the used car market? The make sure they charge enough for the product during the initial sale of the car, and whatever happens afterwords is of no interest to them. So why are game developers different?

One thing that happens to game developers, they haven’t cut a good enough of a deal at their end of the table. Publishing companies and retails stores take more of a percentage of each game, than they do. This has been spoken about by Michael Pachter and others – it’s chart time:

[Chart Here]

We understand the cost of making games is rising, and we appreciate all the inovation and hard work that you put into making games. Game developers, please think twice before pushing to changing the market, and look at what could be done at your end to ensure you get the value that’s acceptable for your work. Their doesn’t need to be constraints forced upon the very people who faithfully by the games you create, is that what consumers want?

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