More than half of American households own a current gen console

A new survey of the U.S. gaming market finds that roughly 56 percent of American households own a current generation video game console, and 39 percent own some type of iOS device.

The survey results, which Nielsen distributed via Twitter on Tuesday, pointed to some notable growth trends for the video game industry over the last 12 months, as audiences are playing games more often and on more platforms.

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Moncole2262d ago

How do they find this information out?

LOGICWINS2261d ago

They take the average number of people per household and compare that to console sales.

MariaHelFutura2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Smaller poles and large scale estimations based off of a collective of those small poles. Its not very accurate and can be easily manipulated to end w/ the result they wanted. If you would like I could give you an example of how they can be manipulated.


One thing is for sure, this gen has seen the least reliable consoles ever.

The first 360 model had RROD and than E74 as standard features. The fat PS3 had also it's fair share of chronic YLOD. Even the more reliable Wii could fry in standby (the earlier models at least).

After all hardware updating and revisions they are still more likely to broke than in last gen (and last gen was already a not very good example).

So unless it's a estatistical survey, don't trust it. There's thousands, maybe millions, of broken consoles in the dump out there and no one really knows how many. Any guess based on consoles sold is doomed to fail.

On a side note, it would be interesting to see a real number on how much the current gen have been acceptd into homes, because I'm pretty sure that by the 6th year the PS2 alone was more present than all current gen consoles together today.. Did the gaming industry just took a step back?

ChiVoLok02261d ago

They use a satellite to see if you have one.

ElementX2262d ago

The others are probably elderly or middle aged people who never got into gaming.

fluffydelusions2261d ago

Wat..never heard of Wii bowling league night at the elderly home lol.

ShoryukenII2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

I have... :p

kma2k2261d ago

i can say quite honestly i dont know a single person who dosent at least have a wii in there house!

Montrealien2261d ago

Current gen consoles, not redesigned gamecubes from last gen with new controls. ;)

This comment was funny, because it was true.

neogeo2261d ago

Speaking of gamecube. eternal darkness 2 please!

off topic

Agent_hitman2261d ago

More than 50% of that is watching porn using their gadgets. Recent orgy survey LOL

tiffac0082260d ago

Now that's just being naughty. lol!

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