Game Informer: The Future Of David Jaffe

A week before Twisted Metal for PlayStation 3 hits store shelves, it was revealed that longtime series creator David Jaffe was leaving developer Eat Sleep Play and creating a brand new studio in San Diego, Calif. Game Informer caught up with Jaffe in Las Vegas this week at DICE to talk about how he feels now that Twisted Metal is done and what his plans are for the future.

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Joule2355d ago

New IP is good.

Hope its for next gen consoles.

Relientk772355d ago

^ That is pretty much exactly what I was gonna say

Ares84HU2355d ago

Calling All Cars 2!!!

Don't kill me, j/k! :D

Prcko2355d ago

We started realizing about this a year ago, and that’s when I had in my head this was going to be the last game I do with this amazing team.

fuc'ng shit i crying :((((
last tm probably forever,god please no :((

KingofGambling2355d ago

"Anybody who knows who I am knows who I am because of the kindness and faith of Sony. So I’m certainly loyal to that company. If they would like to have me I’d be honored and grateful to work with them."
This is why I support Sony they have talent developers that are loyal and makes game constantly.