Tim Schafer responds to Pyschonauts 2 offer writes: Tim Schafer has added more fuel to the impending Psychonauts 2 fire via a Twitter post this morning. Good news is, it's a positive response!

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bobrea2022d ago

I still have yet to play the first game. It's only $10 on Steam right now. I might pick it up.

multipayer2022d ago

Nice, psychonauts 2 could benefit from minecrafts large constructive world aswell. It is about going inside peoples minds afterall. Maybe the terrain can change dynamically somehow by upsetting the balance.

wallis2022d ago

I think we should step away from one franchise interfering with another in either a technincal manner or in the game's design. I just think we should hope for a sequel and be glad that Notch has such a passion for games.

hellerphant2022d ago

I'm so excited for this I might actually explode!

ninjaman9992022d ago

If this happens, Im gona buy a copy for the hell of it at full price to help in making this the norm (One can only dream)

ReservoirDog3162022d ago

Haha, nice stuff like this so rarely happens in real life.

Good for Notch.

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