Mass Effect 3 'Take Back the Earth' Trailer Impressions – A Gorgeous Cinematic Experience

“Take Back Earth” was a beautiful, cinematic voyage into the world of Earth colonies and Reapers.

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cbclerk2169d ago

Gonna have to pop popcorn when I play this.

Army_of_Darkness2169d ago

It's so F*cking boring! I'm about 1.5hr. in and I don't want to continue it at all... the only fun part was creating my character...

tboyshinobi2169d ago

wow. ME2 is boring? seriously? if i may be so bold as to ask, but what kind of games do you like

Army_of_Darkness2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

Uncharted series, GOW series, HOTD: overkill, Rage, KZ3, folkore, Deadspace, resistance 3, KOM: Reckoning , RE4-5 and Castlevania: LOS just to name a few... why?

mkgt212168d ago

you liked rage and RE5 over ME2?

we have different opinions.

cbclerk2168d ago

Army_of_Darkness you like HOTD and Castlevania over Mass Effect 2?
I'm guessing you like action button mashers over games with RPG
elements and strong stories.

docbeez2168d ago

this will be the final pecking order: ME3 > ME > ME2

cervantes992168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

I know how you feel but stay with it.

Learn the tech powers and play the game on insane difficulty. The game is much more fun this way because you have to use tech powers and choose your squad mates appropriately for each mission.

The team recruitment did get tedious and boring at times, but after you go through the Omega 4 Relay the game excels!

The story in ME2 is no where as good as the first in my opinion and I LOVED the planet exploration in ME1(despite Mako control issues) and HATED the planet scanning in ME2(so boring). With that said the story is good in ME2 and the ending is worth getting to.

I'm on my third play through and I enjoy it a bit more with each play.

da_2pacalypse2168d ago

ME2 is indeed boring compared to ME1. Bioware just doesn't know how to make games anymore...

undercovrr2168d ago

I know i'm going to get alot of disagrees for this, but I actually agree with you. I did not find ME2 amazing at all. It was a fun one time experience, but that's about it. Definitely wayyy overhyped in my books.

Aloren2168d ago

Did you play ME1 ? On its own, ME2 is just a good game that people will like or not... but it takes another dimension once you start to play "your mass effect" when you import your saves... it's hard to explain, but for some reason, it just makes the game that much better.

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FrightfulActions2169d ago

Sounds incredible, can't wait to see it but... that being said, wow, that was a girl? I'm pretty sure I've seen the "kid playing with Normandy model" before in the leaked demo that was accidentally put out on xbox a while back. If its the same kid, I feel really silly now because I always thought that was a little boy.

I can't believe it but I'm actually anticipating watching essentially a video advertisement. Will keep my eye on this closely.

Bags_BuzzFocus2169d ago

coincidentally, i thought it was a boy too, especially in the first half of the trailer. then in the second half of the trailer the longer hair and style looked more like a girl.

camel_toad2169d ago (Edited 2169d ago )

Ive got myself on an mass effect 3 media block. Aint watching or looking at nuthun to do with it! The game is so close! But was curious about the comments :)

megaworm252169d ago

That's what is should be doing too, but i just can't help myself

eXclurel2168d ago

Wish I could do that too...

docbeez2169d ago

furiously working to finish up all the games I'm playing to make room for this. looking forward to the trailer.

tboyshinobi2169d ago

hurry up! you need to get on multiplayer when it launches! have you seen the energy sword?! it will be like Halo 2 all over again

m232164d ago

LOL, I'm doing the exact same. I was able to finish the main quest for Skyrim, completed Saints Row the Third, still trying to complete Lost Odyssey and Assassin's Creed Revelations. So little time left.

Kluv2169d ago

Being the trailer whore I am(I organize all my trailers by star ratings O.o) I'm really looking forward to this.

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