US Playstation Vita Store is Up and Running

"Yesterday we reported that that some Vita games can be found on the Playstation Store. However that only seems to be the tip of the iceburg. " - JPS

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BrunoM2353d ago

Well that is good seeing as I get my vita on the 14 here in Toronto Canada .. Hopping for a ton of demos sence I'm buy 4 games on that day and I like my games with cases not digital but ya demos apps and who lows maybe a game ..

It's good they have the store up and running great for demos (me) and for every one who wants to buy digital

murkster-dubez2353d ago

Question for any americans. Which american online retailer sells uncharted golden abyss for the cheapest?

yesmynameissumo2353d ago

You could get it cheaper than Amazon from the PS Store.

gtxgamer22353d ago

If you could choose between 3G model or Wifi model for the bundle then id be getting mine a week early too -.-

wastedcells2353d ago

Where in toronto can u get it on the 14th? It's the 15th.

BrunoM2353d ago

Woodbridge next to the colossus by the 400

pythonxz2353d ago

Yay! Now I can get Super Stardust Delta! It also allows me to enable my online pass for Wipeout 2048.

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