The Darkness 2 Review (BitTech)

True, it occasionally falters as a result of trying too hard to be angry and graphics – and, yes, there are definitely some tedious moments as you harvest empty rooms for every screed of dark essence. But when it works? When you’re dodging through shadows, impaling far-off snipers on signposts and breaking bodies apart like wishbones? At those times The Darkness 2 manages to be not only an improvement on the too-often overlooked original game, but an incredibly stylish and competent shooter compared to almost anything else on the market.

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Pintheshadows2262d ago

I managed to get this early in the UK on Tuesday. I was wary after finding out the length but this is a real gem. It's absurdly violent yet at the same time incredibly touching. It also puts most other FPS games to shame in terms of its combat variety and fun factor. Visually, I love it as well. Distinctive and colourful.

I'm just about to start my new game plus.

Dude4202262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

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*ahem* Good score, the first was a pretty decent game.