A Follow-Up with David Jaffe About that Oral Sex Remark

Kotaku - In a promotional video interview that went live on February 6th, David Jaffe included a statement that I and others found objectionable. So I objected. After the piece ran, Jaffe reached out to me through Twitter and we agreed to schedule a call. Yesterday evening, we spoke about the issue by phone for roughly half an hour.

Although I took exception with his original statement and some of his Twitter-based defense, I didn't (and don't) feel that Jaffe was some himself some kind of villain, and tried to make a point of not calling him such. Even the absolute best, most socially-conscious and self-aware of us (which I do not claim to be) can still screw up and stick a foot firmly into mouth on occasion. It's human nature: we all have our innate points of view and learning to consider widely divergent perspectives as often as possible is really extraordinarily hard work.

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jc485732266d ago

then there's the word S-L-U-T people use from time to time.

Army_of_Darkness2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

But anyways, this chick obviously don't/ or can't suck D*CK for her man's sake(if she even has one), which is why she's offended and decided to waste jaffe's time calling him up.. It was a funny comment! even my GF laughed about it! People these days are soooo damn EMO!

Typical girl though, makes a Big issue over something so small just for some attention.

Computersaysno2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Whats the big deal? Buy this game, give it to a girl you like and let her win, she will give you a blowie as thanks.

I'm off to the shops for release then. Sorry i mean, ON release. :-D

MsclMexican2266d ago

I know this is immature and all... but her name is Kate Cox


NeoBasch2266d ago

Overreaction total. Sure, he said a couple of vulgar things, but the interview was poorly edited. He shouldn't have had to follow through, especially when the author was reading into an otherwise blanket statement.

Quite honestly, I myself find the word, "homosexual," to be distant and cold. I don't want to be referred to that way. I love it when my roomie calls me a fairy! I think it's hilarious. Even being called gay is better than the politically correct terminology the media throws around.

The only reason why people take offense is because they give the word power over them. Sure, if you don't like being called "names," let the person know, but really no harm is intended. By being so uptight, you're missing out on all the fun wordplay that can be used to express a variety of emotions: among them friendliness.

rezzah2266d ago

Homo means double or two of the same.

Hetero means opposite.

The reason why they consider it to be politically correct, is because it is scientifically correct; meaning the word is actually unoffensive (unless if it used to be offensive). Homosexual and heterosexual are terms used even when describing animals. Meaning it shows less offence than any other word used, as science is seen as truth and logic.

The word gay should probably be taken as offensive due to the origins of its meanings (more than just ``happy``). Look up the origins of the word gay and you will see what it was used for and how it came to be reference for homosexuality. Also if the word gay was never decided to be used then it would have been the word queer.

Both words imply an association of rejection.

An example of this is `that is gay`, while not actually referring to an object or subject as being homosexual, it means to be weird or strange.

So when people believe the word gay to be politically correct, they are actually accepting the view as being strange or weird.

Also realise that not all words deemed politically correct are actually correct. As the word ``visible minority`` is used to describe anyone that is not white. Yet, while this word is seen as the correct term, the minority is actually the majority (Canada). SO basically the correct term is actually visible majority. Yet we still use the word visible minority.

What does this imply? it implies that the few are many, and that they are considered to be more than that of the actual majority. It puts a level of importance over their heads.

NeoBasch2266d ago

You're stange... and weird. That's, pretty gay. : )

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yesmynameissumo2266d ago

They take issue with this but have no problems posting NSFW cosplay.

DA_SHREDDER2266d ago

Someone please take this man to the strip club, he needs to loosen up. lol

LOGICWINS2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

The fact that actual time was wasted on writing an article about something so trivial is

EDIT: WOW...a woman wrote this, shocking!

thebudgetgamer2266d ago

That's what's wrong with the world, everyone is so fast to be offended. I'm sad for the world we live in.

MrDead2266d ago

I'm offended that you think that....... I'll see you in court!

Dualshockers_Carlos2266d ago

maybe he should have used the word fellatio instead.

soundslike2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Coincidence that the contributor's name is Kate Cox?

or was she ridiculed for it and is now offended by any mention of dicks?

/armchair psychology

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