Amazon Canada Shipping Pre-Ordered PlayStation Vitas Now

Gamers who pre-ordered PlayStation Vitas from have claimed that they’ve received emails saying that their Vita pre-orders have shipped. - PSLS

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TerminalGamer2354d ago

I have mine pre-ordered from the US Amazon but haven't heard anything yet.

Sev2354d ago

Me too, and they haven't shipped yet.

Lucky mother canuckers.

xtheownerzx2354d ago

Pre-order myself and haven't gotten anything as well.

ftwrthtx2354d ago

Just checked again at Amazon and my pre-order is still set for release day delivery: Feb 15th.... DAMNIT! lol

SIX2354d ago

Mother canuckers! Lol. Just got my confirmation. Should receive it tomorrow :)

webeblazing2354d ago

lucky didnt wanna spend $300 just for 3g plus i wanted a 32gb card the should of let me get it on the 15 i preorder way before the bundles came out

Im a saaaaad Panda

ftwrthtx2354d ago

DAMNIT! I want mine now too!

SoulMisaki2354d ago

I just had to pre-order mine from EB Games. F*ck.

SilverBullet1292354d ago

Same, didn't have the money or a credit card to use but at lest the store credit pay it all off which is a nice plus so don't mind waiting til Wed for that. :)

The way I look at it is that when I do finally get it, i'll have fun with it then and gives me something to look forward to next week.

Godchild10202354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Not to come off as putting it in your face. But I wil be one of those people that will get theirs on Friday, the 10th.

JakemanPS319942354d ago

Isn't eB games basically GameStop?

SoulMisaki2354d ago

Yeah, it's Gamestop for canada

rezzah2354d ago

I got mine from futureshop because of a gift card. I guess I`ll have to wait for the 15.

If some are lucky they might theirs before the 15th.

KillerPwned2354d ago

Ugh I have had mine preordered on US Amazon since the very damn day they were announced I wish we could get one thing early for once.

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